Oct 12, 2010

Teabagger candidate Steele floats another lie

Despite the fact that supporters and the campaign of Rob Steele for the U.S. House in the 15th Congressional District have called U.S. Rep. John Dingell, D-Dearborn, just about every name in the book, especially attacking him because of his age, he is claiming he will not attack him personally.

That is just one more lie from Mr. Steele.

On his Facebook page where he allows no one to debunk his lies, he now claims he will not attack him.

“Despite the vicious personal attacks, I have no intention of attacking John or Debbie Dingell personally,” he claims on his Facebook page. “My campaign is about ideas and policies, specifically spending, accountably and transparency. This week we’ll focus on John Dingell’s own words, his voting record, and policy results.”

Again, nothing can be farther from the truth, and what the Michigan Democratic Party has correctly pointed out is that Steele is just out of touch and has gotten rich off of a broken health care system he does not want fixed. Only in Mr. Steele’s eyes is that a “vicious personal attack.” His alleged ideas and polices are nothing but empty talking points teabggers have been shouting at the top of their lungs since November of 2008.

In fact, the first alleged non-attack he offers up as an example of Dingell’s record is something that was debunked last March, but being called out on something has never stopped Steele from using it. This is one right-wingers have run wild with even though it is completely false.

Last March shortly after the historic health care insurance reform bill was passed that Dingell has spent his long and distinguished public service career advocating for, he appeared on rightwing radio station WJR on the show hosted by right-winger Paul W. Smith. In that long and partisan interview, Dingell was responding to a loaded question on why it will take so long to cover 32 million of the 50 million Americans who are uninsured, and he made the mistake of using three unfortunate words that the right took completely and deliberately out of context. Those words: “control the people.”

The fact is, and they know it too, what he meant is that it will take until 2014 for the people administering the program and insurance companies to properly control the program and pay for it.

Another ridiculous attack on Dingell on Steele's Facebook page that I will address here because he does not allow any dissent is that he is trying to convince people Dingell didn’t read a bill he has been pushing for 55 years. But the example he uses really demonstrates why Steele is not qualified for the office.

“Imagine if you went into your doctor and you’re sent to a specialist and they don’t even look at your chart or talk to you,” Steele told the rightwing tabloid the Washington Examiner.

Better yet, imagine if you went to a doctor who had never, ever even been in a hospital or practiced medicine before. I would never do that, and neither would most people. So why would anyone vote for someone as unqualified and inexperienced as Steele?

Mr. Steel and his supporters are more than welcome to try and debunk anything I have written. We welcome and are not afraid of criticism here, and unlike Mr. Steel what I write can stand up to scrutiny.

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