Oct 4, 2010

Snyder’s tax problem is just another example of how unsuited he is to lead

The news that two of Rick “Chief Executive Outsourcer (CEO)” Snyder’s companies were hit with tax liens for unpaid taxes is old news, but it illustrates a pattern on how really unfit this guy is to run state government.

By now Snyder’s mouthpiece has spun the tax liens as an oversight, but it’s just one more example how clueless he really is. He is great at making himself rich but not much else. We saw the fiasco at the GOP state convention, and if he can’t run that, how can he run state government?

Government and a for-profit, private company are different. You can’t outsource state employees like he did at Gateway to line your pockets. The outsourcer made a cool $23.7 million when he left Gateway Computers after he shipped 20,000 American jobs to China and other parts of Asia. The more American jobs he killed, the more money he got.

He is afraid to debate because his ideas simply don’t stand up to scrutiny. He associates himself with people like draft-dodger and a philanderer Ted Nugent. He claims the Michigan Business Tax (MBT) and the 22 percent surcharge passed back in 2007 that replaced the hated Single Business Tax (SBT) is “a job killer,” saying that the creation of the 2007 tax is “like Lansing went to the video store and rented ‘Dumb and Dumber,” but he chooses the person who wrote it as his running mate.

His lack of judgment and how clueless he is about government is stunning. But I fear it may not matter, and the millions he spent on 30-secodn ads to build a false image are what may matter most.

A perfect illustration of this is teabagger U.S. Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell. This is a woman with a sketchy employment history who has lied about her education, defaulted on her student loan and her mortgage, sued a former employer for mental anguish, railed against the evils of masturbation, spent campaign cash on living expenses, says she dabbled in witchcraft and questioned whether it would have been OK to lie to prevent Nazis from killing Jews during World War II. Despite that impressive resume, teabggers say they will vote for her anyway because they say she will vote their way.

Character simply does not matter anymore to Republicans.

However, the choice for Michigan Governor next month is very clear: Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero.

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