Oct 7, 2010

Snyder supports transparency unless if effects him

Despite the con Rick “Chief Executive Outsourcer” Snyder” has spent millions of dollars he earned outsourcing American jobs putting over on Michigan voters that has is not a career politician or he is not practicing politics as usual, the flap over the attacks on his behalf by the Republican Governors Association (RGA) proves otherwise.

The RGA - which has received a $1millon donation from that News Corp., which owns Faux “News” and millions of foreign money from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce – has been running false attack ads against Democratic Gubernatorial nominee Virg Bernero, allowing the outsourcer to keep his hands clean and claim he is above the fray and save his campaign cash. In fact, the Outsourcer has not paid for a single commercial since the primary election.

Earlier this week Rich Robinson, the director of the non-profit Michigan Campaign Finance Network, uncovered information that the RGA has been "bullying" Michigan television stations into not revealing to the public the size of their substantial ad buys. The one TV station that did stand up to them and released the info to Robinson was cut off from the millions in ads money for doing so.

In a story in today’s edition of Gongwer, Snyder claims that “he cannot stop the Republican Governors Association's efforts to push Michigan television stations not to release information about the size of the organization's ad buys, yet in the same breath he claims he supports transparency.

“I'm always in favor of more transparency and disclosure," the Outsourcer told Gongwer. What he really means is he is in favor of more transparency and disclosure unless it affects him.

Is that the height of hypocrisy?

You will recall that the Outsourcer chickened out of the Republican debates during the primary after he was criticized by fellow Republican Gubernatorial candidate Mike Cox on his record of outsourcing jobs while at Gateway. Because he had no defense for that, he ducked out of the remaining debates and instead held staged townhall meetings in front of friendly crowds, using the lame and false excuse that he is “above the fray of politics as usual.”

He is using the same tactic in the General election, and he is only allowing one single debate with Bernero next Sunday, between NFL Football and the Major League Baseball playoffs. He is also trying to limit the audience as well as only allowing one debate.

It’s politics as usual with the Outsourcer, and he has proven that he is not capable of running anything.


sundancer said...

obama campaigned that there would be transparency in his admin. obama is the biggest LIAR to every hold the office.

Communications guru said...

The biggest liar? Here’s a big lie: we need to invade Iraq because they have WMD and are ready to use them. The only liar is you and Bush.