Oct 21, 2010

Fact checking Steele’s lies in the debate

Tebagger Republican candidate Rob Steele is a proven liar, and that was on display Wednesday when U.S. Rep. John Dingell, D-Dearborn, bested him in a debate at the La-Z-Boy Center Meyer Theater on the campus of Monroe County Community College.

Steele, basically, stuck to his standard false, teabgger talking points, and when he had to go off script, like on questions on foreign policy, he looked like someone who has no experience.

Steele has tried to back away from his stated position in the primary election; like that he wants to privatize Social Security, but unfortunately he included it on candidate questionnaires he filled out. Last night, he does often when caught in a lie, doubled down and repeats it.

“I’ve never once talked about privatizing Social Security,” Steele said last night.

When Steele speaks, fact checking is called for.

In the Ann Arbor.com voters guide he wrote this: “The most important long term issue is social security and Medicare. They must be restructured for those under 35. Let them have their own accounts.”

Steele also claimed that, “…people talk about the deficits under Bush, they exploded when Pelosi took over in 2006.”

Not true. At the height of the Bush Administration the deficit was $413 billon or 3.5 percent of GDP, a year after Democrats took control of Congress, the deficit was reduced to $248 billon or 1.9 percent of GDP. This is a result of instituting PAYGO, ensuring new spending is offset, and cutting waste and fraud in our programs through vigorous oversight. If a disaster occurred and Steele was elected, he would make permanent the Bush tax cuts for the top 2 percent, which would add $700 billion to the deficit in just a decade.

Steele is running on the pipe dream of repealing the historic health care insurance reform bill, and he wants to allow your insurance company to deny you coverage for a pre-existing condition, drop you if you get sick and not allow your children under age 26 to stay on your policy. Steele said during the debate that the historic Affordable Care Act does not address the problems of waste, fraud and abuse in the health care system. Again, not true.

The Affordable Care Act includes an unprecedented effort to fight waste, fraud and abuse in the healthcare system. The bill strengthens Medicare and Medicaid’s existing compliance and enforcement tools, reduces fraud and abuse and saves billions of tax payer dollars.

Now we know why Steele is lying about wanting to have debates, and why he wimped out of a candidate forum hosted by the Washtenaw County Medical Society last week.

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