Oct 18, 2010

Republicans use discredited smear add to slime AG candidate David Leyton

You have to wonder if there is anything Republicans won’t say or anyone Republicans won’t exploit to regain and keep power.

That person is Debbie McIntosh, of Grand Blanc, whose son, Adam, 25. was murdered in 2006. She is very angry that the killer did not get more time and that he was the only one charged, even though there’s no evidence that anyone else was involved. Republicans are using the millions of dollars of unregulated corporate cash to run a TV smear ad agaisnt Democratic Attorney General Candidate David Leyton featuring McIntosh holding a photo of her son and calling Leyton a liar. The last line of the ad says it all.

“How do you get over the death of your son.”

Exactly. You don’t, and the Republicans exploited her anger to falsely smear Leyton. In his two terms as Genesee County Prosecuting Attorney that has prosecuted more than 10,000 criminal cases this is the best smear they could come up. One out of more than 10,000. That’s like saying every single person will agree with every call an umpire makes over the course of a 162-game season.

Republicans exploited the grief and anger of the mother of a murdered son. They had to do that because the Republican candidate has not prosecuted a single criminal case; not a single one.

How angry is Mrs. McIntosh? Well, a racist comment on the Flint Journal gives you an idea where she comments as “ADAMSMOM.”

“…how dare the FLINT URINAL not show me the respect to get my side of the story, instead of ONE SIDE,,,oh A JEWISH OWNED PAPER,,,,and lEYTON IS THE PRESIDENT OF THE JEWISH FEDERATION,,,,FLINT JOURNAL…”

It just makes you wonder if there is anything Leyton or anyone else can do that will allow her to let go of her anger. What it does is give the Republicans some mud, and they will not hesitate for a second to spread it far and wide.

According to the Flint Journal, “Prosecutors convicted Horatio Brown of manslaughter and he is now serving up to 22 years in prison, but McIntosh said the family only agreed to the plea deal if Leyton would charge two other individuals who were involved.”

The problem is there has to be evidence to charge someone, let alone convict them, and there simply is no evidence to even charge anyone else.

Capt. T.P. Johnson of the Flint Police, who oversaw the homicide unit at the time of the McIntosh killing, said the case was investigated thoroughly. In fact, he went even farther in a press release.

“The claims made in the Michigan Republican Party’s advertisement are simply untrue,” Johnson said. “We thoroughly investigated the homicide, leaving no stone left unturned. The killer confessed to the crime and he has been sentenced.

“We were so concerned about the case that we asked the State Police to review it,” he said. “They are in agreement with us that nothing more can be done.”

My bet is that the truth and a little anti-Semitism will not deter the Michigan Republican Party from a good smear.

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