Oct 4, 2010

Public pressure finally forces Steele to accept debate with Dingell

Like Republican Gubernatorial nominee Rick “Chief Executive Outsourcer” Snyder, public pressure has finally gotten to Rob Steele, the teabagger Republican Congressional candidate for the 15th District, and he has reluctantly agreed to one debate with the dean of the U.S. House Rep. John Dingell, D-Dearborn.

Even though Dingell has asked for debates and has accepted every opportunity to speak at forums since Steele won the primary election, Steele has done nothing but posture; until now. In fact, Dingell sent Steele a congratulatory letter when he won the GOP primary that also asked for as many debate as possible, but Steele’s response was to stall and falsely accuse Dingell of not wanting to debate.

In a press release designed to spin the truth, Steele has agreed to a one hour debate beginning at 6:30 p.m. on October 20 at the La-Z-Boy Center Meyer Theater on the campus of Monroe County Community College, 1555 S. Raisinville Rd., according to the press release by the Steele campaign.

That’s the only debate Steele has agreed to, and as he continues to duck debates, he continues to lie and say Dingell is the one ducking debates.


Not Anonymous said...

Very interesting. The Ann Arbor News reports the same thing but they say that it's Dingell that has been ducking the debates. Gee, which should I believe? Some guy who sits in his mothers basement banging away at a keyboard or the Ann Arbor News.

You lose.

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Steele Campaign Waiting for Dingell on Other Debates

Ann Arbor, MI – The Rob Steele for Congress campaign announced today that a debate is scheduled for October 20. The scheduled debate will take place at the Monroe Community College’s La-Z-Boy Center. It will be run from 6:30pm to 7:30pm. The doors open at 5:45pm.

"Michigan has been suffering for a long time. This state has very real issues that need to be fixed. It is the responsibility of candidates to make sure that the voters know where they stand," said Dr. Steele. "A debate is the best way for candidates to present their view on the crucial issues that face our state and our country today."

The Rob Steele for Congress campaign has accepted debate requests from the Southern Wayne County Chamber of Commerce and the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti Chamber of Commerce. Outside of public posturing, there has been no official response of acceptance or refusal from the Dingell for Congress campaign. Since the United States House of Representatives has adjourned for the remainder of the campaign there is no longer an excuse for the Dingell campaign to refuse these other debate requests.

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Communications guru said...

That is a word for word press release put out by the Steele campaign. If you follow the links on my blog, you will find a photo of the letter Congressman Dingell sent to Steele on Sept. 14 accepting the debate at MCCC.

I know you will not accept the truth, so look at the letter yourself. I sure would love for you to make that crack about my mom to my face, coward, but you are too much of a cowardly pussy to ever do that.

Again, anonymous coward, I am still waiting for you to back up your outrageous lie that we were “nearly shoulder to shoulder once.”

Not Anonymous said...

The last time you tried to play tough guy, I did show up to say it to your face. But your mom said it was your nap time and she didn't want to take you from your crib.

Communications guru said...

You are a lying, anonymous coward and a pussy. Like I said numerous times before, I’m not hiding behind an anonymous name like you. Just pray I never see you face to face. Real tough guy; makes disguising remarks like that and then hides behind a false anonymous name. You are just a scared little pussy.

Let me know if you ever get the balls to stand by the lies and petty personal attacks you post. I won’t hold my breath.

Again, anonymous wimp, I am still waiting for you to back up your outrageous lie that we were “nearly shoulder to shoulder once.”

Dr. Dawn said...

This article is TOTALLY ridiculous! Dingell kept putting off Steele. Steele wanted at least 3 debates. Seriously, look at whom it is with more to lose. Dingell doesn't even put a live picture of himself in his own ads. As for the ownership of the media, I suspect that would be George Soros--the man who got B.O. elected. You're just in time for Halloween, masquerading as someone who can tell the truth.

Communications guru said...

Sorry, but it is 100 percent accurate.

In fact Dingell sent a letter to Steele right after he won the August primary election congratulating him and asking for debates, but all Steele did was lie and cry that Dingell was avoiding him. After a month of blustering from Steele, Dingell finally sent a letter on Sept. 14 asking that Steele commit to as many debates as possible, and Dingell says he looks forward to appearing at voters forums put on by various groups like the AARP and others. Dingell accepted the invitation from Monroe Community College to debate weeks before Steele finally accepted.

You can read the letter yourself.

“Dingell doesn't even put a live picture of himself in his own ads?” Again, simply not true.

Serous? “George Soros--the man who got B.O. elected” owns the media? Man, we know the people from the Steele campaign are liars, but I didn’t know they were stupid. Self-made man George Soros does not own any media companies that I am aware of like Rubert Murdoch, and the fact is corporations own all the media outlets. The voters got Barrack Obama elected.