Oct 5, 2010

Political consultants say Steele campaign is a waste of GOP assets

Rob Steele has no change at unseat the Dean of the U.S. House - U.S. Rep. John Dingell, D-Dearborn – for the 15th District Congressional seat, according to political consultants Joe DiSano and Joe Munem.

The two – one Republican and one Democrat - operate the firm Main Street Strategies, and they have a long list of successful clients who win elections. They also record a weekly political podcast called “Two Guys Named Joe,” and on the Oct. 1 edition they put the race in proper perspective.

“This is just bored reporters with nothing else to do taking an internal poll and running wild with it,” they said. “It’s absurd.”

They said with the make up of the 15th District - even though it was gerrymandered by Republicans to pit former Democratic Congressman Lynn Rivers against Dingell – Steele has no chance of winning even in a great Republican year. They said you do not catch Dingell sleeping.

“This is a guy who is back home in the district, all over the district every weekend,” they said. “He (Dingell) doesn’t take weekends off, he doesn’t hide in Mclean,Va. away from voters in Michigan’s 15th House District; he’s out there, in Monroe, he’s in Ann Arbor, he’s in Western Wayne. The voters know who this guy is; the voters are comfortable with this guy.”

They said the race was a waste of Republican resources, and Republicans should be spending money on races where the results are not pre-determined like this one.

“Every dollar you spend on Michael (sic) Steele or Michael Steel raises is a dollar less that is not going to Rocky Raczkowski, Dr. Benishek or Tim Walberg,” they said.

They said Republicans can’t let their personal dislike for Dingell interfere with the fact Steele has no chance of winning.

“You know what John Dingell is thinking: spend it,” they said. “Bring it on; come at me, spend it; my shoulders are broad enough to take it.”


sundancer said...

dingell berry, levin-less, stabmenow, ovomit, reid, pelosi, boxer are wasting taxpayer dollars and their big gov't spend more plans are in the way of private industries ability to create jobs.

19 months after Obama's $787 billion stimulus and seven months after Nancy Pelosi claimed Obamacare would create 400,000 jobs almost immediately, the economy is still losing jobs with 95,000 lost in September?

The said...

Dingell is a relic as to why congress is in such a sad state. It is business as usual for him.
They need term limits.

sundancer said...

If not term limits then they must retire if their term ends and they are 67 or older.

Communications guru said...

First, the only real people are Reid, Pelosi and Boxer, and they are not wasting taxpayer money. I would say averting a depression is money well spent. I also don’t see what this has to do with Teabagger Steele.

The fact is the stimulus diverted a depression and crated jobs.

Again, “sundancer,” there is no such thing as “Obamacare.” I’m not buying your claims, but I also don’t recall any claims that health care insurance reform will crate jobs. Reduce the deficit, yes. Do away with discrimination against pre-existing conditions, yes.

Communications guru said...

Dingell is an effective representative of the people of the 15th District. Congress is in such a “sad state” because Republicans stopped trying to solve problems and just want power. They killed bipartisanship. Dingell has been in Congress for a long time, and it has only been in “such a sad state” since the likes of Newt Gingrich and Tom Delay destroyed bipartisanship.

The Founding Fathers believed elections are the best form of term limits, and I agree with them. Not only that, I don’t believe in age discrimination like you.