Oct 28, 2010

Michigan has one of the best climates for business in the country

Maybe now teabagger Republicans and Rick “The Chief Outsourcer” Snyder will be busted for crying wolf on the alleged high and job-killing taxes in Michigan, but I doubt it.

For the second consecutive year, the economically conservative Tax Foundation of Washington, D.C. has ranked Michigan the 17th best in the nation for business climate for 2011, and the ranking had Michigan with the second-best business climate in the Great Lakes region, according to subscription only Gongwer.

Republicans like to throw up neighboring Ohio and Minnesota as great examples of low tax and business friendly states, claiming businesses are not just moving to China but there, too. However, those two states in the region were both listed as having one of the 10 worst business climates, according to the annual report.

Not only has Gov. Jennifer Granhom managed to accomplish what no other governor has done and actually diversify the state economy from the auto industry only, but she has improved the business climate with the help of the Democratically-controlled House. In 2006 when Republicans controlled both the House and Senate, the state was ranked 28th in terms of business climate. I also doubt she will get credit for either of those accomplishments.

Indiana is another state Republicans like to claim where Michigan jobs are going, and they did do slightly better than us at 10th. However, “one analyst not related to the study pointed out that in the Great Lakes region Indiana has the lowest per capita income.”

South Dakota was ranked 1st in terms of total business climate, while New York was ranked last. It was the second consecutive year South Dakota topped the list.


sundancer said...

Vote in the people that can make the most of that climate instead of 4 more years of blizzards of debt and high unemployeement.

Vote in Snyder, Olson and Steele.

Dingell is to old to continue. He doesn't even have the energy to debate Rob Steele again. He refuses to debate Rob Steele knowing he would looks even worse against Rob Steele than in the first debate as seen here.

His ads attacking Rob Steele are nothing but lies.

He like many career politicians have conflicts of interest. They need to be held accountable. They are not there for us but themselves.

Retire dingell on Nov. 2nd.

Communications guru said...

I agree, that’s why Congressman Dingell and Mike Smith will be voted in. It appears that the chief outsourcer’s millions bought the gubernatorial election for him, but I’m not giving up hope. Gov. Granholm did all a governor can do to make a state economy successful; she made a positive climate for business. She, or any governor, can’t effect money or trade policy, and that’s’ why we have the Bush recession.

Age discrimination, like all discrimination, is ugly and not based on fact. Congressman Dingell has been at every forum and debate. If Steele wanted to debate so badly, you would have thought he would have shown up at the Washtenaw County Medical Society forum. In fact, I’m still waiting for you to give me a reason why Steele chickened out.

His ads attacking Rob Steele are 100 percent true. You should tell your boy Steele that when be tries to back-track from a previous position, he should make sure he leaves no evidence like he did when he told Ann Arbor online he wants to privatize Social Security and Medicare.

Congressman Dingell will retire when he chooses, and some arrogant, dishonest teabgger like Steele will have no say as to when he does.

Johnny C said...

Vote in Snyder? He was part of the problem, how can a man screams about jobs when he was part of the outsourcing movement? And if he wins he has to thank the money he and outside forces pours in and the lame ass media. Honestly the election coverage between this race and the last race between Granholm and DeVos is night and day, the only time the media talks about the race is tell people how many points Snyder is up by.

How can anyone vote for a guy who's past actions contradict what he claims what he wants to do, he avoids debate Ricky didn't even aired his beliefs to all Republican crowd during their primaries and you know there something wrong when you don't want to tell that collection of freaks and racists what you believe.

Why is Snyder scare shit-less to debate Bernero?They had one debate and Snyder lost not even the biggest Snyder fanboy won't argue that. He didn't want to appear with Bernero on channel four like a week ago. And when Snyder does talk to voters he's only talking to people that are already committed to voting for him and according to a caller on the Ed Schultz show when he went to a Snyder event he got hassle by his flunkies.

Hopefully here in the city we're ready to make sure the tough nerd has a tough night but if he wins I'm betting Snyder will serve one term because he's going to realize this job is more than what he think it is.
And Virg decides to give it another shot because Snyder can't hide from his record and the right wing bloggers who trash Gov.Granholm will be silent when their guy is truly the worst governor in history.