Oct 11, 2010

Bernero scores clear victory in the only Gubernatorial debate

Now we know why Rick “The Chief Executive Outsourcer (CEO)” reluctantly agreed to only one debate and at a time when most people are not watching TV.

Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Virg Bernero scored a decisive victory in the only debate Sunday evening; he was clear and articulate in telling voters why he would be the best choice for Governor, and the Outsourcer relied on short, vague answers sprinkled with meaningless corporate buzzwords.

No one, not even the panel of pundits on “Off the Record” following the debate, had any idea what “value-based budgeting” that the Outsourcer continually rambled about really was.

Te fact is that Bernero balanced the budget as the Mayor of Lansing for five straight years with no tax increases, as well as when he was a State Representative and Senator.

Bernero was on the attack, and he was effective; the attacks were effective and factual but not over the top. The most devastating was when Bernero brought up the unreported fact that one of the Outsourcer’s companies, Discera, Inc., was creating jobs in China with a new high-tech facility. These were not just low level and low-skilled manufacturing jobs, but high-skilled R & D jobs being outsourced.

The outsourcer said that was not true. That makes him a liar or so clueless that he has no idea what goes on in his own company. Either way, that makes him unfit for running something as large and widespread as state government. The only thing the Outsourcer is good as it making himself rich, not creating jobs.

When confronted with those facts, the Outsourcer blew it off and made the false claim that his campaign is positive and not negative, and that he is not accepting PAC money. He is, of course, ignoring the fact that the Republican Governors Association (RGA) is hammering Bernero with false attack ads that allows the Outsourcer to keep his hands clean.

One of the most telling questions came when one of the moderators said Detroit Mayor Dave Bing was foregoing his salary as Mayor of Detroit, and asked the Outsourcer if he would forgo his salary as Governor. After hemming and hawing, the answer was a resounding, hell no.

Snyder is worth more than Bing, yet he wants state workers to take a pay cut while he makes not a single sacrifice.

No wonder the Outsourcer only wanted one debate and only plays to friendly audiences at staged townhall meetings.


Not Anonymous said...

Surprise surprise!! Who'd have thought that you'd call Bernero winner? Yes, that's sarcasm. I've read many publications this morning and I have yet to find anyone claim that Bernero was a winner. I've not seen anyone declare Snyder a winner.

I'm not surprised that you and the rest of the socialists don't know what value based budgeting is. You'd actually have to believe in the free market system to understand.

The United States Senate had a hearing last week on taking people's 401k's and dividing that money amongst others. They've stripped Social Security and put in IOU's in place of it and now that Social Security is dying, they have to go after your 401k and give it to your neighbor. Well, in your case, they'll be taking your neighbors and giving it to you.

You continue to complain that Snyder is rich and that he got rich at the expense of others when he shipped jobs to China. Now that's been debunked. You blaming him for a company's actions just because he worked there at some point would be like blaming you for the oil spill in the gulf because you worked the cashiers desk at BP.

You're so predictable. But November is going to be fun and I'm sure on November 3, you'll be whining that the Republicans rigged the election, or played with the voting machines or you'll continue to say that the people are stupid when the socialist Democrats lose the House. I'm sure we'll see the fire in the sky if the Republicans take the Senate as well. Not to mention 37 governorships, including Michigan.

You're imploding and it's fun to watch.

Communications guru said...

Well, anonymous coward, I welcome, no challenge you, to make the case as to how the outsourcer won.

I’m not a socialist, I’m a liberal Democrat. There is no such thing as “value based budgeting.” It’s just a new corporate buzz word for “zero-based" budgeting that has never worked. I do believe in the free market system, but there have to be rules, just like in sports. A football game with no rules is no longer football game; it's a brawl.

Irrelevant and not true.

It’s a fact; the outsourcer is rich and that he got rich at the expense of others when he shipped jobs to China.

Like I’m said time after time, the party in the White House almost always loses seats in the mid-term election, and the people will lose seats next month. But the people will retain control of the U.S. House and Senate and the Michigan House. As for Republicans rigging the election, if they do it won’t be the first time and certainly not the last.

Once again, anonymous coward, there is no such thing as a Socialist Democrat in the United States, and that is just a false, Republican smear.

How am I’m “imploding,” anonymous coward? I gave my opinion on who won the debate, and as usual you have nothing to prove I’m wrong or to prove your point; just the same old false smears. Nothing new from an anonymous coward who is afraid to take ownership of the crap he writes. You're so predictable.

Again, anonymous wimp, I am still waiting for you to back up your outrageous lie that we were “nearly shoulder to shoulder once.”

Johnny C said...

When Not says that's been debunk I wonder who he's citing the Republican Michigander,The blogprof or Motor City Times? Going back to Not I never see people giddy putting a party back into power that spent the last three decades stealing their wallets and pissing on them.

The policies of the last president and his party are largely responsible for the current state of the economy. And those Republican promise to go back to those policies if they win back the house.

Not do you or the world greatest burger flipper make 250K a year? I save you the time to rattle that thing you called a brain to think about it, no you two don't make 250k a year. So how would you benefit from tax cuts being extend for rich people?

And according to the CBO not your party's pledge would add to the national debt. And oh yeah Rick Snyder is a outsourcing liar.

Communications guru said...

The Republicans are masters at getting people to vote against their own economic self interest. The “pledge to America” was almost word for word the same talking points that they have put out every election since Gingrich, and look what it did to this country.

Snyder got caught in a huge lie, and the conservative media is letting it slide.