Oct 5, 2010

Hune gives voters the finger over stem cell research

Livingston County voters got another glimpse at how really out of touch Joe Hune, the Republican Senate candidate for the 22nd District, really is with a front page story in the Livingston County Daily Press & Argus where he said he wants to ban embryonic stem cell research, which Michigan voters approved in 2008.

This arrogant but not new news comes when the international World Stem Cell Summit is taking place in Detroit through Wednesday that is bringing together scientists, patients, advocates, business people, investors, educators, ethicists, policy makers, government representatives and others to network from more than 30 nations. It also comes at a time when the University of Michigan researchers announced they have created the state’s first human embryonic stem cell line, achieving a long-sought goal that provides the foundation for future efforts to develop innovative disease treatments. That was only possible because of the 2008 voter approved constitutional amendment.

But what is really stunning is that Hune knows better than voters and scientists, and he wants to invalidate an election. The amendment passed in Michigan with 52.6 percent saying yes, but what is even more startling is that in conservative Livingston County, more people supported stem cell research, and it passed with 53.1 percent of the vote.

Hune’s opponent, Green Oak Township resident Chuck Fellows, supports the will of the voters, and he said Hune is just pandering to the rightwing extremists who have taken over the Republican Party. In my opinion, that’s one reason he has been endorsed by teabaggers. In fact, he is a teabgger. Traditionally, candidates veer back to the center after appealing to the base after a primary to win in the general election, but Hune doesn’t have to, he thinks, in a Republican gerrymandered district like the 22nd.

This is where we really see Hune’s arrogance. According to the paper,

“In mid-July, Hune told a standing-room-only audience at the Howell High School Freshman Campus that he doesn't support embryonic stem cell research. He told some 200 people that he didn't agree with Michiganders' vote on the ballot measure during the debate moderated by the Daily Press & Argus.”

The part about his position is true, but there was no standing room only crowd. The fact that Hune gave the voters the finger got lost in his more outrageous comments, like he thinks a black helicopter from the UN is coming for his gun, he didn’t know what he was voting on when he helped approve the film tax credits or that a gay man will steal his wife and break up his marriage

But back to Hune’s arrogance. Hune said “he has no need to pander to voters in the 22nd Senate District.”The funny thing is I've already got those folks in my corner. I don't need to appease anybody," he said.

In other words, go to hell, I don’t have to listen to any voters or constituents.

Vote for somebody in November who cares what people in his district think and respects the voters; Chuck Fellows is that man.

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