Oct 26, 2010

Original teabagger emerges to challenge the first ever teabagger in the 7th District

What Republicans are calling the “fake tea party” that collected eng signatures to actually place candidates on the ballot last summer is actually going to spawn a candidate for next month election.

Republicans have claimed fraud was used to get it on the ballot. I don’t know if that’s true or not, and an investigation is on-going. But I can guarantee that with the most partisan Secretary of State ever, if a Democrat was involved in any fraud they will be prosecuted to the max.

The Tea Party had submitted 59,535 petition signatures, and based on sampling, the state found the group had 45,150 valid signatures, well above the 38,013 signatures required by law. But the two actitivist Republicans on the state Board of Canvassers – which is only charged by law to verify the signatures, not how they were collected; and nothing else – voted not to certify the petitions.

What the effort did; legal or not, was to expose what most people already knew: that this was not a nonpartisan, grassroots effort that was neither Republican nor Democratic, and that teabggers are just the same old Republican Party moving to extreme right side of the road. It also proved that the crap teabggers are spouting cannot stand up to voter scrutiny or stand on its own two feet.

But subscription only MIRS is reporting that one of the original Tea Party nominees, Dan Davis of good old of Riga in Lenawee County, is running as a write-in candidate in the 7th Congressional District.

Davis is and has also been a strong Republican.

According to MIRS, “Davis said he is running as a conservative and his platform is reducing the size of government, cutting taxes, having transparent government and increasing production of energy through America's "vast resources" to include coal, oil and natural gas. “

He blamed Republicans for kicking the Tea Party off the ballot.

“No party should have the right to deny others a voice,” Davis told MIRS. “Nearly 60,000 Michigan registered voters signed the TEA Party petition. They and many others have in effect been told by Republicans that their voice is not relevant.”

According to his bio, Davis was a former City of Monroe Police Officer, and he is a security manager and consultant.

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