Oct 13, 2010

Snyder’s lies helping Bernero cut into his lead

Outsourcing and killing American jobs is bad enough, but now Rick “The Chief Executive Outsourcer (CEO)” Snyder is doing that and lying about it.

During the first and only gubernatorial debate on Sunday, the outsourcer lied to Michigan voters when he told them one of his newer companies, Discera, did not have a facility in China – in fact, not only did Discera create jobs in China, they are sharing technology to help arm Chinese businesses to better compete against American companies. After the debate he contradicted himself and said there was an office but that it was only a sales office.

“Rick Snyder has tried to run from his record of offshoring jobs, but when confronted with it head on in a one-on-one debate, he flat out lied to Michigan voters,” said Mark Brewer, Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party. “The facts are there. Snyder cannot say he had no part in creating jobs in China and worse, making Chinese businesses more competitive against Michigan. He’s proven he’d rather invest in China and Chinese workers than in Michigan workers.”

Discera, a high-tech company Snyder founded and is currently a board director, and which is funded through his venture capital firm, opened a new state-of-the-art facility in China in July 2010. Discera officials have said that through technology sharing and funding researching and development in China, their business is helping Chinese businesses become more technologically advanced. In fact, in a Discera news release announcing the company’s new facility, the company’s own Chief Technology Officer actually said: “Discera is helping Chinese businesses compete and win in the global marketplace.”

In other words, the outsourcer is now not just shipping lower skilled factory jobs off shore, he is outsourcing highly skilled and educated research and development jobs from a state that has some of the best research universities in the world, and from a state trying to ensure those high intelligent and skilled young graduates from the University of Michigan, Michigan State University and Wayne State University stay in Michigan.

Even before the debate, Gubernatorial nominee Virg Bernero was beginning to close what some pundits said was an insurmountable 20 point lead, but the largest independent poll to date has the Mayor of Lansing closing the gap to 12 points. The gap should close after people get wind of the debate and the outsourcer’s bold face lie.

“This is still a competitive situation,” Eric Foster, president of Foster McCollum White and Associates, told the Detroit News.

In fact, it has led the outsourcer to again spend some of his millions on TV ads that created the false image of a “tough nerd.” He has not paid for an ad since the primary election. He also lied, indirectly, on Sunday when he said he had not received any PAC money. That may be technically true, but the Republican Governors Association (RGA) has been spending millions on his behalf on false attack against Bernero.

This is the same RGA that got $1 million from the Faux “news” and from foreign corporations. They have been blackmailing Michigan TV stations into not reveling how much they are spending on ads by refusing to buy ads on their station if they tell the truth.

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