Oct 15, 2010

Steele wimps out

There was an empty seat next to U.S. Rep. John Dingell, D-Dearborn, last night at a candidate forum hosted by the Washtenaw County Medical Society; that of his opponent, teabagger Republican Rob Steele.

This after months of public posturing by Steele that Dingell was afraid to debate him, and he even used that lie in a fundraising letter the very day Steele finally accepted a debate offer set for October 20 at the La-Z-Boy Center Meyer Theater on the campus of Monroe County Community College.

Steele is an outrageous liar, and he has been silent as to why he chickened out, even though he said he would attend. What really makes it ironic is that Steele has been lying about the historic health care reform bill passed last March and hammering Dingell about it with false attacks, and that’s what the forum was about. But Steele could not defend his lies, so he chickened out.

Dingell spoke to the medical professionals from the community about his successful fight to improve the doctor-patient relationship and remove insurance companies from the decision making process.
“I guess my opponent didn’t want to talk about his backward agenda of taking away the protections patients now have with the Patients’ Bill of Rights,” Dingell said. “His right-wing agenda would increase the federal deficit, put control of health decisions back in the hands of insurance companies and increase the number of people without health care.”

Steele is an out of touch doctor who has gotten rich from a broken health care system he does not want fixed. No wonder be blew off his colleagues.

“With an out-of-touch agenda like that, I guess I’m not surprised he doesn’t want to talk about it with his colleagues in the medical field – they certainly don’t support him on that,” Dingell said.


sundancer said...

Yet another benefit of the Dingell-Pelosi healthcare bill: On Jan 1, 2011 more than 15,000 OTC health care items will require a prescription (i.e doctor's visit) for tax-free reimbursement.

You still haven't told me why tea party members are racist. something that is impossible.

Communications guru said...

Ah, I see you are reading Steele’s Facebook page. I’m not sure if that’s true, nor am I sure that’s a bad thing. I guess now you can’t spend your health savings account on cold medicine with pseudoephedrine in it to make methamphetamine.

I certainly did tell you why teabggers are racist.

Perhaps you can tell me, since Steele will never do it, and I don’t see that on his FB page; after months of claiming that Dingell is afraid to debate him and is ducking public forms, why did Steele blow off the candidate forum hosted by the Washtenaw County Medical Society last night. After all, that’s what this post was about.

sundancer said...

So you agree tea bag party members are not racist.

Actually the info was posted on Human Events site about the.
Your political rantings are about two things actually. One that you want to bad mouth any one who is against the ones you worship. 2 that you say nothing about the ones you worship as far no evaluation of the horrific job they have done while in office. That they vote against the wishes of the majority. That they are against the 1st amendment, 2nd amendment, pro abortion, pro ovomitcare, pro cap trade and tax, pro bigger gov't with more spending and higher taxes, lies about transparency, lies about the 50 billion for some new infrastructure bill which will increase taxes and they don't read the bills. Stimulus package didn't work and ovomit clamis he would not raise taxes on 95% of Americans and yet every program he wants will raise taxes on ever one.

I voted against bush both times. I hated the man in office. I wanted him impeached but he is no longer in office. Every current administration needs to be evaluated for what they are doing and this administration is the worse ever. Nothing but lies. This admin is not abt change but more of the same on a grandeur scale but you are blind to it since you are so busy hating/blaming people that are not in office.

You are so busy disliking fox news that you don't see that msnbc is a replication on the other end. All they do is blast the Repub. and kiss ovomit ass. They are not an unbiased/neutral NEWS reporting station either. The media keeps us blind to what is happing. Like pelosi says they have to vote it in so we can see damage and chaos it will create. sic.

Social Security payments will for the second year will not include a raise in it, no COLA for them yet congress will probably vote themselves a raise. but your more worried about why Steele wasn't at some function of which I have no idea. Whether he shows up or not, dingell needs to retire now as this country and the state of Michigan have gone down the toilet under his watch.

Communications guru said...

No, I don’t agree because most teabaggers are racists, and, like I said before, there are plenty of examples of it on this blog.

What does all the false clap trap you spewed have to do with your boy Steele chickening out of a debate after he lied about Congressman Dingell ducking him?

Again, why did Steele blow off the candidate forum hosted by the Washtenaw County Medical Society, his peers. After all, that’s what this post was about.