Oct 29, 2010

False and sleazy attack ads against Leyton having an effect

Voters say they hate negative, attack campaign ads, but political pundits and consultants say it works. The pundits must be right because there is no other explanation for Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton trailing in the polls for Michigan Attorney General.

His opponent, Bill Schuette, has run some of the sleaziest ads I have ever seen, but he has finally been shamed into taking one of them off the air by the family of someone he was shamelessly exploiting. But that, in my opinion, is not the sleaziest ad.

The TV ad most people have seen has lead to a profane-filled death threat against Layton, yet it still stays up.

That ad stars Debbie McIntosh, of Grand Blanc, whose son, Adam, 25, was murdered in 2006. She is very angry that the killer did not get more time and that he was the only one charged, even though there’s no evidence that anyone else was involved. Republicans are using the millions of dollars of unregulated corporate cash to run that smear ad exploiting McIntosh holding a photo of her son and calling Leyton a liar.

Even after an anti-Semitic attack by McIntosh on the Flint Journal web site and death threat, the ad is still running.

I’m not sure what crime has to do with the Michigan Attorney General, since the job is largely a civil and administrative posts and acts as the state’s attorney, but the Republicans have been trying with no success to paint Leyton soft on crime. Every ad they have run has had a foul called on it by the nonpartisan Michigan Truth Squad.
In his two terms as Genesee County Prosecuting Attorney, Leyton has prosecuted more than 20,000 criminal cases to Schuette’s zero. The teabggers have driven the Republican Party so far to the right they are in danger of falling off the cliff, but one thing they constantly claim is that they will not support career politicians. Yet almost all of the Republican candidates can qualify for that label.

While Leyton was serving in local government as an elected prosecutor, he also served on the Flint Township Board of Trustees, first as a Trustee and later as the Township Clerk; Schuette was, first, a U.S. Congressman, a member of former Gov. John Engler’s cabinet, then a state Senator and finally an Appellate Court Judge.

This is just more Republicans teabagger hypocrisy.

The ad that was pulled off the air claimed that Leyton was “overly lenient in the plea deal he reached with a drunken driver who led police on a chase that resulted in the death of Flint police officer Owen Fisher,” according to subscription only Gongwer.

“Flint police officer Owen Fisher, murdered while on duty. An open and shut case: not for David Leyton," the ad says. “He plea bargained down to just three years in prison; said it was just and right."

But Gongwer said David and Vida Fisher, the deceased officer's parents, said “the ad is wrong and that Christopher Bentoski would see more than three years in prison for his convictions on assault with intent to do great bodily harm and fleeing police.” The Fishers also criticized Schuette for using the story without consulting with them first and for making an ad that was disrespectful to their family.

"We request that Mr. Schuette remove this ad from the airwaves," David Fisher said. "Our son was a tremendously civil human being and this ad is both uncivil and incorrect. We believe that Genesee County prosecutor David Leyton approached this case with appropriate gravity and treated our family respectfully."

Back to the drawing board, and since Republicans have so much unregulated corporate money to burn, a new ad is already up in its place featuring Republican Oakland County Executive Brooks Patterson criticizing Leyton for plea bargains. Patterson is very familiar with plea bargains; like the one he took in 2003 to reckless driving after being pulled over for possible drunk driving.


Not Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, it's got to the evil Republicans using underhanded tactics, unregulated money and lies in advertising. These people that live in this state and around this country are not smart enough to realize how wonderful this state and country have been run.

This has been the Socialist Democrats problem for a very long time now. They think they have to sell their ideas and not actually have good ideas and good legislation. A word game that a politician uses to brainwash the electorate is much more effective than the truth.

You claim that Bernero won the debate, yet the polls haven't really moved. Snyder still leads by 17-20 points, depending on the poll, despite that drubbing that Bernero laid on him in the debate.

You're the only one that I've heard say Bernero won the debate. I'm not reading that anywhere else, nor am I hearing it anywhere else.

Bernero didn't even get the usual closing of the gap that normally comes with the nearing of the election.

This is what happens when politicians don't listen to the people. The people didn't like Obamacare and said so before it was voted on. They didn't like the stimulus and said so, before the vote. They didn't like Cap and Tax and said so. Yet, the politicians all passed these anyway.

You can think that it's the evil Republicans and their tactics, all you like. I trust the American people to know what's best for them and their own lives. The Republicans are next when it comes to these tea parties. If they return to their old ways, in two years, they'll find themselves being taken out in the primaries and new candidates put in their place.

The said...

Why is the Liberal media mute about the 87.5 million spent by AFSCME Union to support Far Left Democrats?

That is taxpayer monies being spent to support your liberal socialist agenda.

The said...

Even the great GURU knows come Wed you will have had your socialist liberal agenda ass kicked.

Communications guru said...

First, you are a liar. Second, if that’s true, it’s no where near what the U.S. Chamber is spending, and unlike the chamber, we know who are making the donations to the union and it’s not foreign companies. Third, it’s not taxpayer money. Fourth, not every member of AFSCME is a liberal or even a Democrat and fifth, the corporate media is conservative and sixth, I’m a liberal Democrat.

sundancer said...

To bad there has to be sleezy ad attacks against opponets. Why can one just speak about themselves and what they have to offer and if an incumbant included what their record is and their voting history.

Oh but then if dingell did this he would have to talk about how in 1965 he voted to steal the social security money and dump it into the general fund and destroyed that program. Or how he voted in obamacare a program that the majority of people didn't want, or that he is against the 2nd amemdment and pro abortion having voted in sotomayer and kagan for justices.

How after 55 yrs in office Michigan is in the toilet with jobs lost and business leaving the state.

Communications guru said...

The fact is, anonymous coward, that Republicans are using huge sums of money from foreign sources that, for all we know, could be sponsors of terrorism. Could you imagine if th Democrats was getting this kind of money from unknown sources? Faux “news” would go berserk.

Once again, anonymous coward, there is no such thing as a Socialist Democrat in the United States, and that is just a false, Republican smear. What a joke. After almost ruining the economy, you are going to claim the Democrats have no good ideas? Despite your attempts to rewrite history and lie, the fact is the Democrats lifted the country out of Depression and the Democrats lifted the country out of the Great Bush Recession.

Virg Bernero did win the debate. The polls did move, but not very much. The Outsourcer made sure that the only debate he granted voters was at a time when very few people are watching. What is a shame is that a guy who knows his alleged policies can’t stand up to any kind of scrtunity is going to get away with it. The person with the most money will always win and can buy time during the Super Bowl.

If I’m the only one who you heard say Virg Bernero won the debate you are either dumber than I thought or, which is probably the case, a liar. The truth is you’re just a lair, and that’s just one more.

There is no such thing as “Obamacare,” and most people didn’t think it went far enough. But, it’s a good start. I disagree with your lie about the stimulus, and the fact is it created and saved jobs. There is also no such thing as “Cap and Tax.”

The problem with your claim about teabaggers is that they are just the militant arm of the Republican Party.

Once again, anonymous wimp, I am still waiting for you to back up your outrageous lie that we were “nearly shoulder to shoulder once.”

Communications guru said...

Are you that stupid?

Social Security is not “destroyed,” and your claim about a raid on it is a lie. There is no such thing as “ obamacare,” but if you are talking about health care insurance reform, the people did want reform.

I guess if you are going to lie, go big right? If Congressman Dingell is “against the 2nd amendment” then why was he endorsed by the NRA and not your boy Steele, you idiot? No one is pro-abortion. I’m glad he voted for Justices Sotomayer and Kagan, and so are the majority of people in the 15th District.

Michigan is not “in the “toilet,” and the entire country is recovering from the Great Bush Recession.

I predict Congressman Dingell will win by 17 points. Do you want to take me up on that bet?

But I’m not sure what any of this has to do with the false and sleazy attack ads against Leyton?

Johnny C said...

Hasn't it occur to many of you right wingers if your guys do win nationally and locally you no longer have to ability to whine and cry about policy? How will the Republicans sell no to a larger voting electorate in two years? And how can the people that tell you guys what to think is going to defend a do nothing GOP CONTROLLED house?

The Orange Boner can't hand blame off to Nancy Pelosi when the house is doing nothing but pass bogus bill that going no where in the senate? You guys can't repel healthcare reform because President Obama is going to veto it matter of fact any wing nut legislation will be veto. And between passing bull-shit bills and not doing anything the Republicans in the house will leave themselves open for attack when the Obama machine gets rolling.

If Made in China becomes governor all that whining from the various right wing editorial boards during Jennifer Granholm tenure should come under assault(not literally) when they defend Gov. Made in China cuts to state workers and state programs. And I'm guessing when Gov Made in China has to run his supporters in the media will be drained of defending him because there is a counter media that will say "Nolan Finley remember when you blasted Gov.Granholm for this but you're defending Gov.Made in China here?"

So if you guys win, guys like me will be destroying the GOP House every chance we get and I'll be calling gov. Made in China the worst governor ever.

Not Anonymous said...

Little Johnny, you really shouldn't drink and type at the same time. You don't make much sense. But I guess it's better than drinking and driving. Let me see if I can filter out some of this.

The Republicans are going to win. There is no doubt. It's going to be massive. The only question is whether or not the Republicans taken both the House and the Senate. It's up to CA, WA and WV. If those go Republican, the Republicans will control both houses.

One bill that will be passed will be a budget. The Socialist Democrats didn't pass a budget this year. They just continued the old budget.

The House will likely repeal Obamacare. It may pass the Senate regardless of who is in control just because the politicians now get it that the American people don't like it and don't want it. But you're probaby right about Obama vetoing it. The question then becomes is there enough bipartisan support to override the veto. We'll see. I suspect the Socialist Democrats won't have the balls to join the override. So the House will just not fund the bill which in effect, kills it anyway.

Governor Snyder is a moderate. Far from my first choice. I consider him nothing more than Granholm lite. That's not a good sign for this state. However, the one big advantage he has is that he's been a successful businessman. Granholm can't say that.

I don't understand much else of what you said. I suspect I'll have to read the label on the Jack Daniels to figure it out, but since I don't drink, and things you say aren't coherent, nor important enough usually, I'll not waste my time.

I am glad to see that you now realize that you socialist Democrats are about to get your butts kicked tomorrow. This is what happens when you go against the American People's wishes.

Don't mess up your ballot tomorrow by crying on it. Water and ink don't do well together.

Johnny C said...

Aw more bullshit from the Father of the world greatest burger flipper in Michigan. As for Made in China how do you know he's moderate? The only people he talks to are those who are already committed to voting for him. And how can he talk about jobs when he was part of the outsourcing problem? Shit it seems you guys just repackage Dick DeVos and made sure he talk less this time around.

If the Republicans take the house again father of the greatest McDonald's employee ever, the Republicans go from bitching on the sideline to the spotlight for two years you and your party has been screaming about what this President is doing wrong now it's put up or shut up time. And I'm betting the Republicans will fail and they will fail most epic.

Repel health care reform? Thanks for proving the tea party racist are delusional. You do know President Obama can veto their repel attempts? Even these sick bastards you're whoring for said repealing healthcare reform doesn't seem likely. What bills are you guys going to propose that has appeal outside that small group of old, angry,poorly inform white electorate?

They already said they're going right back to the Bush era of doing things i.e tax cuts with no means for paying for them and more deregulation.

The Republicans also admit they're not going to do anything between now and the next election just to improve their presidential candidate chances of winning. So while the country suffers the Republicans are going to either shut down the government or just be dicks and stop every bill that sounds like it has a chance to help average people.

Crying? Hardly whatever happens there is another election and I'm confident with two years of Republican "management" the house will go back into Democratic hands.

I believe that for two reason 1. two years of Republicans trying to take down the President will fire up his base. 2.The Republican policies will destroy any doubt the Republicans are all about the top 2% and their base will be de-energized because whatever footing you think you had will be gone because the Republicans traded it in to make sure their corporate donors are happy.

Not Anonymous said...

Looks like the questions have been answered. The Republicans needed 39 and have gotten at least 65 in the US House. They needed 10 in the Senate and looks like they'll end up with 7 and possibly 8. Could be higher, but I doubt it.

In Michigan, the House is now Republican. The Senate is more Republican than it was (supermajority), the Governor, Sec of State and Att. Gen are all Republicans. The Supreme Court put two conservatives on.

Now, the Republicans can clean up the Granholm mess of the past eight years.

Now the Republicans can tell Obama to sign the repeal of Obamacare. Now the Republicans can cut spending and extend the Bush tax cuts for all.

They now have two years to do what they've promised and see this country turned around. If they don't, socialism will win in two years and this country will cease to exist shortly after.

Communications guru said...

I guess lies and big money from foreign companies and governments does trump the facts, truth and hard work.

You were finally right about something, anonymous coward. Its’ frustrating that after cleaning up the Bush mess that they give control back to the people who created the mess and didn’t lift a finger to help clean it up, but politics is like a pendulum.

There is no such thing as “Obamacare,” and I hope the Republicans try to repeal health care insurance reform. At the very least that will get the President four more years in the White House. The only socialists are in your small mind, anonymous coward.

I spent most of my adult life defending this country, and I’m not going to stop now when it’s in the most peril it has been for sometime. I’m just not wearing a uniform to defend it. The fight starts today.

Once again, anonymous wimp, I am still waiting for you to back up your outrageous lie that we were “nearly shoulder to shoulder once.”

Not Anonymous said...

Prove money came from foreign countries. The Obama administration tried to say that several weeks ago and had to back down because they had just made it up.

It's not like there was a Johnny Huang or Buddhist Temple like what happened during the Clinton years.

The majority of Americans didn't want and don't want Obamacare, same with the bailouts, same with the stimulus that only stimulated africans in Africa that we spent $823 million on to teach how to clean their genitals after sex.

I am curious though. Where's that 17 point victory for Dingell? They didn't call his race until after midnight. YOu've proven once again that you're nothing but hot air.

Communications guru said...

The majority of Americans want health care insurance reform, and that’s one reason President Obama won in a landslide. Most people want more, like single payer or a public option. The bailouts came under a Republican President, and that was one of the few things he did right, as screwed up as it was. Anyway, good luck trying to repel health insurance reform.

The stimulus worked. What rightwing web site did you get this African bullshit from?

Dingell won by double digits in a Republican year. The only one full of hot air is you. At least I’m not a liar and a wimp, like you.

Once again, anonymous wimp, I am still waiting for you to back up your outrageous lie that we were “nearly shoulder to shoulder once.”

Johnny C said...

Father of the world greatest burger flipper what you freaks don't realize. You guys run the show in Michigan, so when Rick Snyder and the Republican controlled house and senate can't blame Jennifer Granholm so when in four years me,guru and other Michigan liberal bloggers where's jobs Nerd? You and the Republicans promise jobs and you didn't deliver so using your logic in 2006 when you demand Jennifer Granholm to clean up 12 years of John Engler's mess, Rick Snyder should go after four years in office.

Nationally what's going to be fun, the Republicans in the house can no longer whine they have to govern. And when push comes to shove your guys will fail there too.

I'm predicting in two years that Republican "tidal" wave is going to be a little drizzle.

Not Anonymous said...

Little Johnny, Seriously dude, you need to learn to be coherent.

Granholm came into office 2002. Unemployment in this state was near 3%. Taxes were lower, the economy had been moving and only slowed down following 9/11. By March of 2002 the rest of the country was thriving. Michigan got worse. We went into a one state recession and stayed there. Unemployment shot over her 8 years to 15%. Now you want to hail 13%?

The Republicans will take over in January. We are not afraid. We want to govern. We WANT to put this ship on the right course. Cut taxes, cut spending and watch the economy grow. It's not going to happen overnight, but it won't take 4 years or 8 years to turn around. It will take a year or two and it will gradually get better.

Government cannot create jobs. They can only create an environment where businesses can thrive and invest and hire. But we're going to need help. We need the Republicans in the US House to make the Bush tax cuts permanent or at least extend them. For EVERYONE. This will bring employers back to investing and hiring.

The only way this will be bad is if you prefer high unemployment and people leaving the state and people standing in lines begging for free food and no jobs. Which is apparently what you all like. When Engler took office from Blanchard in 80's, unemployment was above 8%. He got it down to 3% by the time he left. Obama has taken unemployment up to near 10% after promising it wouldn't go above 8%. It's now been above 9% for 14 consecutive months. Longest since the 1930's. So you socialists must prefer misery over excellence.

During the Bush years, unemployment didn't exceed 5.5% until 2007 which just so happens to be when the Socialist Democrats took over both Houses of Congress.

Thank you for handing over the reins, or the keys to the car. Now, sit back, shut up and watch us teach you how to drive.

Communications guru said...

Once again, anonymous wimp, I am still waiting for you to back up your outrageous lie that we were “nearly shoulder to shoulder once.”