Oct 11, 2010

Steele campaign lies to cover up the first lie

The conservative mainstream media and the United Steel Workers (USW) union have finally caught up to the dishonesty of Rob Steele, the teabgger candidate for the 15th Congressional seat, and they are calling him out on it.

Steele - who is running against the Dean of the U.S. House, U.S. Rep. John Dingell, D-Dearborn, - has been calling his volunteers “Steelworkers” in a thinly disguised attempt to make people believe he has the support of labor and the USW.

Back in September the USM endorsed Dingell, but that didn’t stop Steele from trying to fool people by calling volunteers steelworkers. Just last week the USW caught on to his dishonesty, and they sent Steele a letter asking him to cease and desist from misrepresenting them, adding Steele "is not a friend to working families,” and is “only trying to deceive voters.”

In response, the Steele campaign told a bigger lie.

According to the Freep, “Steele campaign manager Mike Marzano said the term was coined by volunteers spontaneously and isn't meant to mislead anyone. They'll probably keep using it, he said.”

Marzano is a liar. Just a week after I blogged about how Steele was trying to mislead people, on his Facebook page Steele created and adopted a logo and asked his supporters to use as their profile photo on Facebook that says “Steelworkers United Local MI-15.” It was Steele not his supporters pushing that lie.

Not only is Marzano a liar, he plans on keeping up the dishonesty.

“There's not much Dr. Steele can do about changing his name at this point," Marzano told the Freep.

That was the plan all along, but there is something Steel can do: be honest for a change.

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