Sep 1, 2010

Michigan is leading the nation in job growth for July

The good news that Michigan is leading the nation in job growth, with a gain of 27,800 jobs in July, has to have state Republicans cursing the good news.

In fact, Michigan has added jobs in three of the past four months, and that hasn't happened for a long time. Any good economic news, both nationally and in Michigan, is met with dismay by Republicans, and any bad economic news is picked up by the rightwing echo chamber and celebrated because it may help them win back power. This good news is a little hard to deny because the news is coming from a fiscal policy analyst with the rightwing think tank Mackinac Center for Public Policy.

Detroit Free Press columnist Tom Walsh said the Mackinac Center “…is no cheerleader for the state of Michigan. Indeed, the free-market-oriented Mackinac Center has been a frequent critic of the state's economic development and taxation policies.”

While the Governor has worked hard to diversify the economy so that a downturn in the auto industry doesn’t decimate Michigan’s economy like it has historically. However, “manufacturing was the biggest gainer in July, up 20,000 jobs. Automakers and suppliers added engineers and production workers, as vehicle sales grew modestly in the wake of the General Motors and Chrysler bankruptcies.”

Granted, the state and country have a long way to go as it begins the long climb out of the Bush ditch, the worst recession since the Great Depression, but it’s a positive start.

Subscription only MIRS also reported some good news that debunks what teabaggers have been saying about Michigan taxes. “Michigan just missed landing in the top third of states for business climate, according to a ranking compiled by the nonpartisan Tax Foundation.

The state ranked 17th for its business climate. I wish I had a dollar for every time somebody told me how great Ohio was for business, but the fact is Ohio was near the bottom at 47th. The nonpartisan foundation used 100 variables that impact business for its rankings.


K. said...

Washington is ranked, we're informed by the Seattle Times, a "dismal" 34th in business climate. I figure that means we're at worst 17th in the consumer climate and the fair pay climate. (Our minimum wage is indexed to inflation.)

liberalshateusa said...

It must be Michigan is making all the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act signs.

In response to questions by ABC News, Jill Zuckman of the Department of Transportation said, "The best estimate is that states have spent about $5 million of the $28 billion spent on road projects on signs.

In one case, at Dulles Airport in Virginia, a single sign cost $10,000.

Communications guru said...

Well, I don’t really know, hate America, but I sure hope so. What I do know is that Michigan is leading the nation in job growth, with a gain of 27,800 jobs in July; Private sector manufacturing jobs.

I know that’s bad news to you, but too bad.