Sep 23, 2010

New contract on America is just old failed polices in a new package

With the mid-term election some six weeks away, Republicans are finally unveiling their alleged plan today with a new contract on America, and, as expected, it’s all the same failed Bush-era polices that created the worst and longest recession since the Great Depression.

House Republican leaders are scheduled to discuss their contract on America at a lumber yard in Sterling, Va. today. The old, failed ideas in a new package are basically a crackdown on government spending, repeal of the healthcare reform law and extension of all the expiring Bush tax cuts that helped squandered the budget deficit Bush was handed and left a deficit for President Obama.

The bottom line is that these those old, failed policies that created the Bush recession, the longest and deepest since the Great Depression, almost killed the economy, and the polices put in place by President Obama and the Democrats have the country going in the right direction and ended the recession.

A better name for this old plan in a new package might be a contract with rich Americans that promises to eliminate all taxes on wealthy Republicans.

Former President Bill Clinton put it best on CBS News when he said this hole was dug over eight years, their argument is we, the Democrats had 21 months to get out their hole, so throw us out and they can do what they did again that dug the hole.

This new “contract” basically stays away from social issues like GOP platforms of years past in an effort to divide and rule by fear, but it does include the promises to “honor families and traditional marriage.”

Unlike the 1994 contract on America, this campaign tactics will not be signed by GOP officials and does not call for term limits or a balanced budget amendment.

The choice in November is even more clear: go with the failed GOP polices that created the worst recession since the Great Depression, or go with the party that averted a depression and a collapse of the financial system and got us out of the Bush recession.

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