Sep 24, 2010

The fake outrage from teabaggers is simply ludicrous

Teabaggers never cease to amaze me. Now, they are offended - offended mind you -because Democrats are calling the Astroturf teabaggers the name they first attached to themselves.

The Republican noise machine is revved up and is angry that U.S. Rep. Gary Peters, D-Bloomfield, used the term teabaggers. The fake outrage is just hilarious.

Apparently, Peters simply called a member of militant branch of the Republican Party what they first called, themselves, and on one rightwing blog he is jackass for calling his crooked opponent and career politician, Andrew Raczkowski, a teabagger, which is exactly what he is. On wrong Michigan this guy is under the false assumption that teabagging is a homosexual act. Simply not true.

According to one blog on the Detroit News, “the two candidates for the 9th district congressional seat appeared together at an event held by the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority at the Bloomfield Township Library on Sept. 19,” and Peters spoke the truth and called Raczkowski what he is and what extreme Republicans have been calling themselves until they found out what it meant, teabaggers.

He claims:
“The term is particularly offensive to women, and two Michigan tea party officers -- both women -- were furious upon hearing of Peters' use of the term.”

What pure BS. Talk about made up fake outrage. How can something that is not organized have officers?

Wendy Day, founder of Common Sense in Government and also an active tea party organizer, said that "for a U.S. congressman to show such poor judgment shows his lack of character." “

Are you kidding? This from a woman who is a founding member of an anti-gay hate group called the LOVE (Livingston Organization for Values in Education) PAC that tried to ban books?

The fake outrage from a teabagger named Janice Daniels is even more out there. She “gasped when she heard the term.” Are you kidding; she gasped?

When did she gasp? When she first heard a teabgger use it first way back when this fake, Astroturf farce began last year?

But it gets even more ridiculous.

Daniels decried the use of the "offensive term" at "a time when we need the conversation in the public arena raised to a higher level."

Are you kidding me? Apparently, she has never been to a “tea party” where the President was called everything under the sun, or to a townhall meeting in the summer of 2009 when teabaggers disrupted the townhall meetings of Democratic politicians and shouted down anyone who disagreed with them or wanted to hear what the Representative or Senator actually had to say.


Republican Michigander said...

Kevin, why are you so obsessed with the term "teabagger" which you use in every post? Are you leading a double life...not that there's anything wrong with that. Does your wife know about that?

Communications guru said...

For two reasons: First, because that’s what you guys initially called your brand of right-wing extremism. And second, because it apparently pisses you off. But what does “teabagging” have to do with being gay?

I’m not sure why you are so obsessed with my sexual orientation, so let me clear it up for you: it’s none of your business. If you want to believe I’m gay, that’s fine with me. However, I would never lead a “double life” because there is nothing wrong with being gay or straight. But what does “teabagging” have to do with being gay?

As for my wife, ask her if you would like; I don’t hide from anyone, and my phone number is in the book.

VirgforPres said...

Can you believe those Steele supporters are claiming Congressman Dingell used the word "teabagger" to describe the constituents and Tea Party supporters? Total lie. Dingell would never do that in public. Dingell should denounce this slander immediately and call for Steele to apologize.

Communications guru said...

I don’t know if he said it or not, but I don’t care and it doesn’t matter. The simple fact is teabagger’s called themselves teabaggers first. I’m at a loss as to why it bothers them so much. But since it does, I will use it at every opportunity.

I think the Congressman should ignore someone as insignificant as Steele. We already know how dishonest he is. Besides, it’s almost impossible to slander or libel a public figure.

mialinskyfollower said...

Well, to be honest, I don't think the Tea Party movement calls themselves teabaggers, we have Anderson Cooper to thank for that. It is a vulgar term, that's why it gets such a good response. But we can use it because we're not respected Congressmen like John Dingell. For him, it would be a bit disrespectful of his constituents...and that's why they are lying by saying he made such a comment. Dingell needs to stand up to them and call them on their lie. If they get away with this, what lie will come next?