Sep 17, 2010

Coulter wannabe highlights speaker series

Here’s no surprise; Cleary University’s Economic Club Speakers Luncheon Series has brought in more right-wingers.

As I have said numerous times, the stated mission of the series is to “enrich the Livingston County community by hosting speakers who can share a broad spectrum of social, political, intellectual and cultural experiences,” but they continue to bring in some of the most inflammatory right-wingers you can imagine, such as Anne Coulter, Dick Morris, Steve Emerson and Michael Reagan. This time they are doubling down on the hate for the 2011 series, and bringing in Coulter waannabe Michelle Malkin and former U.S. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R- Tennessee.

The good news is they are bringing in a semi-Democrat in Elizabeth Edwards, wife of former Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate John Edwards. She has been in the news lately because her husband was involved in a sex scandal, and I’m sure every mention of her appearance will also mention that.

The series is actually bringing in some non-right-wingers like Olympic swimmer Peter VanderKaay and sports agent David Arluck. But the fact remains that the school brings in the most vile and partisan right-wingers it can find.

Columnist and blogger Malkin isn’t as racist as Coulter, but she is just as hateful. It seems like the most disgusting and outrageous things people like Malkin and Coulter say, the fatter their bank account gets. Coulter’s star seems to be in decline, so she needs to produce more outrageous and hateful sound bites to get back on faux “news” more.

During the 2004 Presidential election, Malkin said Democratic Presidential nominee and decorated Vietnam War hero John Kerry shot himself to earn his Purple Hearts, insulting Kerry and every single veteran who ever won a medal or decoration. She shouldn’t be very popular in Michigan after saying those people who are unemployed want to be out of a job and are lazy.

During an appearance on ABC's This Week with George Stephanopoulos last year, Malkin suggested that extending unemployment benefits was a cause of the high unemployment rates of 2009. She said she opposed another 13-week extension of unemployment benefits because "if you put enough government cheese in front of people they are going to just keep eating it and kicking the can down the road.”

We must have a lot of government cheese eaters in Michigan.

Frist, a physician, served two terms as a Republican U.S. Senator representing Tennessee, and his most highly publicized action was during the Terri Schiavo fiasco in 2005. After just reviewing videotapes of Schiavo, he floated the diagnosis that Schiavo was not someone who is in persistent vegetative state. After she passed away later in the year the autopsy confirmed she had indeed suffered devastating brain damage and was in a persistent vegetative state.


Johnny C said...

The crazy thing about Malkin if you apply what she advocates she and her family would be screwed..

When she advocated for locking up people for lookin Muslim she could be in trouble because the largest Muslim country in the world is Indonesia and her mother country is from that part of the world.

Anchor baby comment her parents were immigrants when she was born here, so she should turn back everything she earned and go back to her parents' country of origin.

I place Malkin on the same class as S.E. Cupp and Lizzy Hasslebeck on the view they're good to look at but their opinions are worthless.

Communications guru said...

The best thing to do when dealing with right-wingers is don’t try making sense out of what they say.

Not Anonymous said...

Once again, you've been caught in a lie. Michelle Malkin did not say that Kerry shot himself to get a purple heart. Chris Matthews did try is damndest to get her to say it, but she wouldn't say it. Of all of the sites that I came across to check on this, I found that even Media Matters show the transcript which shows she didn't say he did it.

Don't you just wish you could say things and be believed? But when you say it, it must be checked because it's usually blatant lies, as is the case this time, again.

Anonymous said...

get your facts straight.

Johnny C said...

Father of the world greatest burger flipper I saw the interview in question Chris Matthews pressed her and she did what right wingers do when they get caught she ho and hum then she said we have to look into it so she didn't say no so your link is worthless. And that's why that old piece of shit Zell Miller challenged Matthews to a duel.

Stick what you do best eating 3 hour old Big Macs dear ole son brings home while you surf right wing blogs.

Communications guru said...

Sorry, anonymous coward, I have never lied. She said his wounds were “self-inflicted.” Matthews gave her the opportunity to walk that disrespectful lie 11 times, but she still chose to smear every single veteran.

Good to see you are using good sources, but it just proves I’m right, anonymous coward.

Again, anonymous coward, I’m still waiting for you to back up your outrageous lie that we were “nearly shoulder to shoulder once.”