Sep 14, 2010

Newspaper that sponsors political debates says they are useless

The Republican editorial board of the Livingston County Daily Press & Argus is twisting itself into pretzels in it’s ongoing battle to bash Democratic candidates and promote Republican candidates.

In today’s edition it editorialized that it’s OK for Republican Gubernatorial candidate Rick “Chief Executive Outsourcer” Snyder to continue to duck debates with Democratic nominee Virg Bernero because “Debates are of questionable value.”

Say what?

Is this the same newspaper that sponsores and moderates local debates? Is this the same newspaper that sponsored and moderated a debate between the Republican candidates for the 22nd State Senate seat in July? Why, yes it is. So I guess the paper will no longer sponsor those useless debates where a candidate has to defend his positions, record and actions in front of a neutral audience.

It’s just astonishing what this Republican editorial board will do to promote Republican candidates. Liberal media my butt.

Of course this bastion of the “liberal media” uses the editorial to take its standard cheap shots at Gov. Jennifer Granholm, saying “Voters are likely looking for a change after eight years of an ineffective Democrat in the governor's office,” and ending with this gem:

“Granholm likely would have won the election anyway, but as a challenger, DeVos lost any chance he had to gain ground. So for the next four years, we got the better debater.
But did we get a better governor?”

The answer is yes. Perhaps the newspaper missed the Bush recession, the worst since the Great Depression that led to two of Michigan’s largest employers going into bankruptcy? Perhaps they missed this report that Michigan is leading the nation in job growth, with a gain of 27,800 jobs in July or that every single Michigan governor has tried to diversify the states’ economy away from just auto manufacturing so we don’t feel every economic downturn so hard, but only Granholm has managed to do that?

But back to the debates. The good news is that Detroit TV station WXYZ YV 7 cares more about informing voters then the newspaper does, and they are going to broadcast a 'live' debate on Tuesday, October 21, from 8:00 - 9:00 pm whether the wimp shows up or not.

But the biggest news is that Bernero showed up at one of the wimp’s invitation only townhall meetings held at country clubs, this one held at the Hawthorne Country Club in Westland on Monday with the hope of persuading him to hold the three televised debates the wimp chickened out of. Apparently, Bernero shamed Snyder into meeting “with him personally over coffee to hammer out a gentlemen’s agreement on debates,” according to the Detroit Free Press.


Not Anonymous said...

Once again, you're full of lies and half truths.

Snyder wanted debates to take place before absentee ballots went out. Seems reasonable. After all, don't you want voters to have all of the information possible? Well, of course you don't.

You also said that Snyder's town halls were for supporters only. Again, a lie. Most that show up are his supporters, but it's open to anyone. Most people go where the enjoy going to see who they enjoy seeing. If you were to go to Snyders town hall, I suspect your only purpose would be to be disruptive.

In Snyders town hall in Westland, Bernero did show up. What you neglected to say was that Snyder invited him up on the stage to take questions and the two of them took questions from the crowd.

Once again, you blame Bush for Michigan's woes. What you fail to state is that this country was in an economic boom until December 2007. However, Michigan has been in a free fall since 2002. Unless you're a conspiracy theorist that things Bush is a genius for slapping down Michigan while the 49 other states were enjoying a booming economy, your blaming Bush is nothing more than someone with a tight sphincter that can't accept the facts. On January 3, 2007 when the Democrats took control of the Senate and the House, the unemployment rate was 4.6%. We had just had the longest period of success in the economy (52 months).

Michigan was the only one with 15% unemployment. So whine all you want it's falling deaf ears.

Communications guru said...

You would be wrong, again, anonymous coward, it’s the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Snyder never wanted debates. He issues a half-hearted invitation, and then did everything in his power to kill them once Benero accepted the invitation. As for this crap about wanting them to take place before the absentee ballots went out is just made up.

Snyder’s townhalls are for supporters. I had to register to go to the one at the Westland country club, and I had to give my name and email address. When you teabaggers disrupted the townhalls last summer, you just showed up. This townhall crap is to ensure the least amount of people see him, and those that do see him already support him. The more people see of him, the less they will support him. I’m not a teabagger I wouldn’t disrupt a townhall meeting.

I didn’t neglect to say anything about Bernero showing up. I linked to the article.

I blame Bush for the Bush recession because his failed polices caused it, and the fact is Governors have very little effect on the economy. They do not affect trade or monetary policy. We were headed for a recession for some time with wages falling, and people like you were claiming there was no recession because there were not two consecutive quarters with a down GDP. The fact is Michigan feels a recession first and comes out of it last because it’s largest employer is the Big 3. When the country was losing thousands of manufacturing jobs a month, Bush refused to even meet with the Big 3 CEOs.

Again, anonymous coward, I’m still waiting for you to back up your outrageous lie that we were “nearly shoulder to shoulder once.”