Sep 1, 2010

Rightwing candidate censors me after calling him out on his use of a push poll

It just amazes me that the positions of Republicans are so flimsily that they can’t stand up to the least bit of scrutiny, and that is why I have been banned from two rightwing blogs and now from the Facebook page of a Congressional candidate named Rob Steele.

My crime; making sense and putting up arguments they can’t defend. To me, debating with people I agree with is not much of a debate, so I tend to comment on the disinformation on rightwing blogs when I see such an outrageous lies that I am compelled to comment on. I have been banned from “Right” Michigan and the so-called “blogprof” for daring to disagree with them.

My latest run in was with a teabagger named Steele who is running against U.S. Rep. John Dingell, D-Dearborn, one of the most beloved leaders in southeast Michigan. I met Steele by accident, and it was an amazing event; one that I have not seen in more than a decade around politics as a reporter and as a campaign volunteer.

Weeks after his attempt to provoke a confrontation with me, I noticed Steele was falsely attacking Dingell on his Facebook page with the lie that Dingell only talks to supporters. I knew that to be an absolute lie and I called him on out it. I had to click the “like” button to comment, but it was worth it to call him out. It wasn’t long before my comments were deleted.

Shortly after I began commenting, he posted this nonsense:
“Our campaign is gaining notice by Team Dingell and various professional liberal bloggers. To clarify the protocol for our Facebook page, non-supporters may post a comment to voice an opinion. Any further comments will likely be deleted.”

First, I’m not a professional blogger, and I haven't been for more than two years when I stopped working for the Michigan Messenger. Second, I am a non-supporter who posted a “comment to voice my opinion,” yet every single one has been deleted. The attacks on me stand, but my response is gone. The only other person calling him out on his lies was a Jefferson High School student.

I just discovered today that I was barred from commenting, and every single comment deleted.

Steele is now touting a poll by Public Opinion Strategies (PSO) that has him down by only nine points, by a count of 51-42. The problem is PSO is a Republican polling and lobbying firm notorious for conducting push polls. This push poll was bought and paid for by Steele, and it still has him nine points down. The real number is probably closer to 18 percent.

POS was responsible for the "Harry and Louise" ad that killed health insurance reform in the early 1990s. In 2001 it was charged with violating Virginia's polling disclosure laws, and it has also been accused of using push polls to influence elections.

The simple fact is his campaign can’t stand up to even the slightest bit of scrutiny, and that’s why he allows no dissent.

Well, you and your supporters are welcome to come here and know that you will not be banned or your comments deleted, at least without repeated warnings about refraining from specific personal smears.

Give me your best shot.


Jordan G said...

How well do you know Ed Brayton? I found out about the Michigan Messenger because of him (when I saw him on Off the Record), and I love his blog over at scienceblogs.

Communications guru said...

I met him once at the start up meeting for Michigan Messenger back in 2007. After that, only on the phone when the MM held its weekly editorial meetings on a conference call for the nine months or so I worked for them.

liberalshateusa said...

Guru, Have you been to the Discovery Channel Headquarters ?

Communications guru said...

Nope. I know its huge, huge news when a non-fan of rightwing hate radio shoots someone – kind of like a man bits dog story, but zero population is not a liberal platform, hate America.