Jan 19, 2008

When you can’t debate you censor

We saw last summer how Republicans hate to be challenged when they try to lie and spin facts, and when Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop, R-Rochester, censored the liberal blog Blogging for Michigan by banning it from Senate computers we saw how far they will go when challenged with the truth.

I felt that same wrath when I was banned last week from commenting on the leading right wing blog, RightMichigan, by paid GOP operative Nick DeLeeuw.

It’s pretty sad when their positions are so flimsily they cannot even defend them, and because they can’t defend their positions they just shut people up. Many of my blogger friends and colleagues ask my why I bother posting on right-wing blogs and put up with all the personal attacks. It’s pretty simple: How hard and how fun is it to have a debate with yourself or with someone with the same position. Hell, how do you even debate yourself?

Actually, I don’t get a whole of lot out of these debates and exchanges because after I destroy their positions and punch holes through their lies and half truths, I get greeted with name-calling. When you do not have a leg to stand on that’s what you get. I should have expected this because his boss has a “blog” that does not even allow any comments. They want to be able to spin their lies without being called out on it.

One of their favorite insulting names for me is troll. Whenever I disprove their spin and point out their lies I get called a troll instead of them backing up their position. I’ve repeatedly asked how I can be a troll when to comment I have to be registered with a screen name and password that has to be approved. You can comment here anonymously because I can defend my positions, and I’m not afraid to stand up for what I believe.

It doesn’t really bother me that I got banned because I was just wasting my time debating people devoid of real ideas and closed minds, but the lame excuse he used to get rid of someone who was kicking his ass in debate really bothers me.

The other favorite slur against me is a play on my screen name, and I’m called Commie Guru, or similar variations. Very clever of them, but unfortunately, that’s what passes for real, intelligent debate on that blog.

Being called a Communist is something that is particularly offense to me because I spent 20 years in the Navy during the Cold War. I made some 10 overseas extended deployments during that time away from my family, and it really bothers me to be called a communist after that.

The people on that blog, like many Republicans, are what Al Franken calls “Chicken Hawks” meaning they are pro-war but refuse to serve in the military to back that up. DeLeeuw and the few posters there are the very definition of chicken hawks. There is one serial poster there who continually calls me a communist, but at the same time keeps telling me how much he supports the Iraq occupation and the troops. One day I called him out on a particular offensive anti-troop remark, so I began calling him “troop-hater” when ever he called me a communist. Childish. Yes, but what can I say.

In reality, I know he nor DeLeeuw are really not troop-haters. They are just indifferent, and they want them to go and fight and come home, shut up and then disappear.

Back to what got me banned. DeLeeuw posted some untrue things about the people tying to discourage people from signing the petitions in the misguided recall attempt against Rep. Robert Dean. He claimed the paid signature collectors were being harassed, so I went right to the source to get the information and found out that DeLeeuw was lying. He later posted video he took that proved I was right.

To make a long story short, I was banned for – get this - “chicken-hawking.” I have no idea how he reached that conclusion since I served in the military and am against the Iraq occupation.

If I misstated anything here or I am incorrect feel free to add your comments. You can even do it anonymously.

See, I don’t censor people here.


Anonymous said...

Guru, you are so full of yourself, you say you attack and punch hole thru other persons writings, only to post your misguided rose color views of your 1960’s vision of the world.

Radical Leftists as yourself, are malignant narcissists, who have an aching need to destroy things. They are compulsive iconoclasts --- needing to smash all existing idols and ideals, only to replace them with their own. The public narrative of the Left is always compassion and love, but in the end, the real agenda always turns out to be destroying and oppressing ordinary people in a cycle of failed efforts to control them. Whether it's overthrowing the rich, herding farmers into communes, forcing them to produce more for less return, and controlling speech --- it's that need to over control people that quickly leads to terror and mass executions. It leads to gigantic over expansion of the state at the expense of other human enterprises.

Is that record of repetitive revolutionary failure on the Left just an accident? Is it that radicals are just experimenting in country after country, and eventually they'll get it right? (That seems to be the ongoing Leftist fantasy). Or maybe there is something malevolent in the very nature of revolutionary personalities?

Radicals consider their own rock-hard convictions about knowing the answers in life to be proof of their compassion. But they never seem to consider that they could be wrong. El Jefe Fidel Castro has been experimenting with the poverty-stricken people of Cuba for the last fifty years, and he still hasn't quite gotten it right. There are still a few bugs in the system, even after many thousands of Cubans have fled the island floating on rubber tires and jury-rigged car bodies. That kind of absolute certainty is not a product of adult reasoning with a realistic amount of humility. It is the opposite of the scientific attitude; rather, it's the missionary certainty of Al Gore the Prophet, who can predict global warming a hundred years from now with a devout sense of certainty in his own righteousness.

Global warming myth is the next crusade of your radical liberal friends. The underlying effect is again to control the world as you dream it should be.

Communications guru said...

What ever you say, who-ever-you-are. Even though you don’t even have the courage or believe strongly enough in your positions to take ownership of what you write, I will allow you to attack me anonymously, and I will not even ban you from further commenting like your comrade Deleeu.

I can only be called “radical” by a small number of people, and you must be one of the few on the radical right that can make that ridiculous claim.

I agree with you about Castro, and that’s why I spent the bulk of my adult life away from my family and loved ones fighting against communism. Al Gore is certainly not a prophet, but simply a leader concerned about the conditions of the world he is leaving to his grandchildren who has the scientific community behind him.

Thanks for posting, and don’t be a stranger.