Apr 16, 2010

Despite lies from teabaggers taxes are at their lowest levels in 60 years

Another fake, Astroturf Republican “tea party” came and went yesterday, and instead of harping about all the wall-to-wall coverage of a fringe group by the conservative media – after all, how hard is it to find 500 Republicans in Livingston County – I thought I would take a look at who the teabaggers are really supporting and how wrong they are on their alleged number one complaint: taxes.

We keep hearing about how taxes are evil and we are overtaxed, yet taxes are at their lowest levels in 60 years, according to William Gale, co-director of the Tax Policy Center and director of the Retirement Security Project at the Brookings Institution, as reported by CBS News.

All those teabaggers paid less in taxes this year, yet they are claiming they are “overtaxed.” The fact is Democrats cut taxes by more than $800 billion, largely through the income tax credit in the stimulus and tax credits to help small-business employees get health insurance in the health bill. What’s more, Congress will push through $285 billion more in tax cuts before this session is out by extending expiring George W. Bush-era tax cuts for richest 1 percent.

Lately, faux “news” has been pushing the lie that 47 percent of American homes pay no taxes. That’s simply not true. In fact, the non-partisan and non-profit Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP) confirmed that the poor and middle class pay more than the rich in taxes. It is true that 47 percent do not pay federal income tax directly. To me the real story is that faux is outraged that the guy who works two minimum wages jobs does not federal income tax, but that it has no problem that General Electric generated $10.3 billion in pretax income, but ended up not only paying no federal tax, but it got a $1.1 billion refund check from Uncle Sam.

Where is the outrage?

This is because of offshoring and setting up wholly owned subsidiaries in places like the Bahamas, Bermuda and the Cayman Islands that legally shelter the cash flow. They set up costs in high-tax countries and profits in low-tax countries. The argument they will make is that they do that because the U.S. has one of the highest corporate tax rates, but we also have a high standard of living. We will never compete with the tax rate of China or some other Third World country.

Most corporations make their profits from U.S. citizens, and the fact is they would not make a penny if not for the benefits they enjoy that are paid for by U.S. tax dollars. Taxes pay for the interstate highway system to move their good, the ports, the rail, the sanitation and many other things, yet, they pay little tax here.

Again, where is the outrage?


Not Anonymous said...

Once again, your description of the Tea Party is nowhere near the facts.

The Tea Parties were started a year ago February not based on the current taxes, but rather based on the bailout and the so-called stimulus package which has proven to be a complete failure. It has expanded during the past year as Obama has pushed us further towards the European socialist system by taking over General Motors and firing their Chief Executive as well as taking over and handing over Chrysler to the unions, and his requirements added to the banks that took the bailout, which they shouldn't have gotten in the first place, AFTER the bailout money had already been received.

The Tea Party is also protesting the costs of the health care bill which will be over $1.3 Trillion and then expanded on in the future and the taxes will that will be forced on everyone when the CBO's figures prove to be way off the mark as they always have been in the past.

They are protesting the fact that more than 58% of the people were against the health care bill that recently passed, and still the Socialist Democrats and the head Socialist in the White House ignored their constituents and implemented this anyway.

They are protesting the taxes that have been added (tanning tax for example) that took effect immediately.

They are protesting the government takeover of more than 50% of the private economy. They are protesting what everyone but the Socialist Democrats see coming which is the end of insurance companies which will make the government the sole insurance provider in this country and as we all know, government has failed in every business it's ever tried to enter.

Yes, I know you think there is no such thing as a socialist Democrat, but the fact is that the Democrats have moved this country into a socialist country and the Tea Party's know that the only way to stop it is to throw them all out in November and put in Republicans and hope that they can reverse the damage done by the idiot in the White House and his little minions from Oz in the House and Senate.

Not Anonymous said...

By the way, your talking points taken from the playbook of Barack Hussien Obama and Nancy Botox Pelosi and Harry the hater Reid. The report you're looking at may be on Fox, but it's also been on other news outlets. You might also be interested...nahhh, you aren't interested in the truth....the New York Times is now finding all of the stuff in the Obamacare bill that is broken.

It's hilarious that several companies that said the health care bill was going to cost them billions of dollars were immediately told by Henry Nostrilitis Waxman to appear before his committee to explain their comments in the press that were negative towards the new Obamacare bill, has cancelled the hearing. Not postponed. Cancelled. Right after he discovered that those companies were correct.

To quote a well known America hater and Obama's pastor for the past 20 years (which he claimes he never heard the guy bash America), Obama's "chickennnnnnnnnnnnsssssssss, are coming home to roost!".

Not Anonymous said...

Gee, maybe it's not God Bless the President, but God DAMN the President.

Another famous quote by the America hating preacher of Obama's, Jeremiah Wright.

Not Anonymous said...

So it's Fox News reporting the 47% that don't pay taxes?

I found this story along with one from the NYTimes, Atlanticwire and others. Seems this is the opposite of Fox News. But I'm sure you'll have an excuse for these socialist organizations be putting it out there.


There is something simple you can do if you don't like Fox News. Actually there are three things you can do. 1. Change the channel. 2. Turn it off. 3. Get a job so you don't have the time to hear the truth.

Not Anonymous said...

I am curious about something. I'm sure you'll not have an answer for this, but for the past eight years you socialists have been complaining that the Bush tax cuts were for the rich. If that's the case, how can the head socialist in the White House say that he will leave the tax cuts for the lower and middle class in place but take away the tax cuts for the rich?

If only the rich got the Bush tax cuts, how can he leave the tax cuts (which socialists have always claimed didn't happen) alone?

Be careful when you get on that merry go round. When you spin that much, one tends to end the ride by throwing up. In other words, regurgitating the bad stuff they've been hanging on to.

Communications guru said...

My description of the teabaggers is right on, anonymous. However, your description is simply wrong.

The Astroturf “tea parties” were pushed by two right wing Washington, D.C. lobbying groups “Freedom Works,” chaired by former U.S. House Majority Leader and rightwing Republican Dick Armey, and “Americans for Prosperity.” It was also heavily promoted by faux news and the rest of the conservative media. The Republican Party quickly seized on it as both a fundraiser and for supporters.

I have no idea where you got this 58 percent number, but when people learn what’s in the bill they support it, and many people do not think it goes far enough, including me. The good news is we don’t govern by polls, and the only one that counts is the ballot box. That’s why President Obama won in a landslide.

Once again, anonymous, there is no such thing as a Socialist Democrat in this country, and that is just a fascist Republican talking point. There is no socialist in the White House, not even when Ronald Reagan was in the White House.

There is no takeover of the private economy. Well good luck throwing out Democrats in November. The one thing we know for sure is that when you fail, you will be even more screechy. Talk about sore losers.

The damage was done in the last eight years. It wasn’t President Obama that plunged the country into the worst recession since the Great Depression, it was the Republicans. The economy is improving, despite the best efforts of Republicans to stop the recovery.

Communications guru said...

You need to get back on your meds, anonymous.

Michael J. McFadden said...

Guru, while my comment here is not specifically about the teabaggers or general tax levels, I believe it will show part of what the problem is.

President Obama hailed and signed a bill mandating a 2,000% tax increase on one of the poorest well-defined minority groups in America as one of his first acts in office.

He then went on national TV a few months later and stated that in his first six months in office the ONLY tax change he'd made had been to LOWER taxes on Americans.

I guess roll-your-own smokers are just vermin that can be ignored until they're eliminated, eh?

For the 30 second video excerpt of Obama's claim along with some discussion of it see:


and feel free to leave a comment. Meanwhile, think about this: If Obama is willing to lie so blatantly in the face of millions on national television about a fact that is clearly not open to any sort of debate... what other lies might be going on?


Communications guru said...

Wow, that’s a heck of a stretch for raising the tax 62 cents a pack. I don’t think its high enough. Who might be the “poorest well-defined minority groups in America?” I could care less about “roll-your-own smokers,” but I do care about children’s health care.

Sorry, President Obama has not lied, and the fact is 95 percent of Americans got a tax cut this year. I have a hard time feeling sorry for tobacco companies who made billons of dollars killing people and manipulating nicotine to hook them. I had a hard time quitting.

Michael J. McFadden said...

Guru, try reading my post again slowly and carefully. I did NOT talk about the 150% increase of 62 cents a pack that was levied upon America's 40 million regular smokers. I was talking about the 2,000% increase upon roll-your-own smokers, most of whom roll their own out of shreds of tobacco and scraps of paper because they can't afford the taxes on commercial cigarettes. I believe the video I linked to clearly shows President Obama blatantly lying about that. His statement said nothing about 95% of anyone, and no one is asking you to feel sorry for the tobacco companies.


Communications guru said...

Sorry, the President did not lie, and again you’re stretching the truth. Again, I could care less about “roll-your-own smokers,” but I do care about children’s health care. It was you who is asking people to feel sorry for the tobacco companies.

Michael J. McFadden said...

Again Guru, I'm happy to leave it to your readers to judge whether the President lied and whether I'm the one "stretching the truth." They can visit:


and make their own decision.


Communications guru said...

Again, he didn't. What are you a you, a shrill for the tobacco companies?

Johnny C said...

Hey Guru it seems Not Anonymous has a bad case of right wing talking point fever.. Can't really comment on the other guy tho I don't smoke therefore I don't give a damn about the smoking tax.

But I'll tackle not's long winded collection of talking points and right wing bullshit. Let's be honest not the reason you guys are out there with tea bags hanging from your hats and holding up those signs is because there's a N-word in the white house.

The stuff you guys are protesting were things you supported when George W.Bush was president. I didn't see any tea party rallies between 2001 and 20082 when Bush and his goose stepping GOP majority were spending money like teenage girls with their parents' new credit card in the mall?

They're screaming about personal freedom again where were the tea party rallies when Bush and his GOP flunkies rammed through the Patriot Act? Or when Bush admitted he wiretap American citizens.

Now to the subject of tax cuts, funny these people are whining about taxes yet in a poll they think the taxes they pay are fair and 95% of them got a tax cut so how are they're getting tax too much?

And since the only people who saw their taxes went up are those who make 250,000 or more a year so why are middle class people defending people like Paris Hilton right not to pay their fair share of taxes?

Not just admit it's about having a black man in the white house.

Michael J. McFadden said...

Truly amazing. A 30 second video where President Obama says "The ONLY tax change I've made has been to reduce people's taxes" just months after putting tax increases of 150% and 2,000% on smokers...

And neither Guru nor Johnny C seem to be able to comprehend that there's a problem with that.

Truly amazing.

Oh, and Guru, your mud don't stick any better now than it did a year ago. I've made my stance regarding Big Tobacco quite clear in the most public way possible: in the first two sentences of my book. Anyone concerned about Guru's claim can visit www.Antibrains.com and read it for yourself.