Apr 26, 2010

The Kenyan Embassy throwing a real tea party

In a brilliant marketing move, the Kenyan government is taking advantage of the non-stop coverage of extremist Republican teabaggers in the mainstream conservative media to promote their number one export, tea.

The Kenyan Embassy in Washington, D.C. is hosting a "Real Tea Party" in the Capitol on Tuesday to promote the country's status as the world's number one exporter of tea. The invitation to dignitaries says, "The Government of Kenya, the world's #1 tea exporter, cordially invites you to a proper Kenyan Tea Party on Capitol Hill (one without a political agenda)," the invitation boasts. "Please join Kenyan Deputy Prime Minister, the Honorable Uhuru Kenyatta, at Kenya's tea tasting event, complete with food pairings and tea leaf readings."

Now, tea baggers are, of course, angry over this smart marketing move, and they claim they are being mocked and the Kenyan government knows nothing about U.S. history and tea parties. The obvious answer is neither do teabaggers.

What makes this even more ironic is that many teabaggers are so-called “birthers” who believe President Obama was actually born in Kenya - despite slam dunk evidence to the contrary - and therefore not eligible to be president.

However, Kenya is proud of the fact that the President’s biological father was born in Kenya and was a Kenyan senior governmental economist after graduating from the University of Hawaii.