Apr 14, 2010

HC petition language goes before board of Canvassers

The petition drive to deny 32 million Americans with no health care insurance from getting it and placing a constitutional amendment on the ballot to exempt Michigan from the historic health insurance reform law will face a severe test on Friday when the Michigan State Board of Canvassers meets to approve the petition language.

The problem is the teabaggers have been collecting signatures since a round of “kickoffs” were held late last month. Collecting the signatures of 380,126 registered voters before July 5 will be tough unless they have lots of insurance lobby money to spend, but all those signatures already collected could be invalid if the board dos not approve the petitions.

The fact that the petitions have not been approved before they were circulated has led many political pundits to believe the teabggers are simply building a Republican fundraising list.

The Board of Canvassers will meet at 10 a.m.. Friday April 16 in Room 426 of the Capitol in Lansing, and the meeting is open to the public.


Not Anonymous said...

Which pundits have been saying that it's just a way to collect E-mail addresses.

I looked the other day when you said that the language for the petition was not approved and didn't find anything in news reports nor in editorials regarding the petition.

So which "pundits" are you speaking?

Communications guru said...

I'll give you a link so you can hear it for yourself, but I told you who it was in the April 12 post. Are you really claiming the petitions language has been approved?


Not Anonymous said...

Never heard of them. Two talk radio hosts are now pundits. Hmm. Wonder why that title is never given to Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity here.

Nope. I never said it was approved and didn't say it wasn't approved. You made it sound like the decision was made that it wasn't approved.

But after looking some more, I'm still not finding any other "pundits" talking about this.

Communications guru said...

So? I’m missing the point. These two guys make their living working in Lansing, and just because you have never heard of them means nothing, anonymous. Limdick and Haity are hatemongers, not pundits, nor do they know anything about Michigan state government.

I “made it sound like the decision was made that it wasn't approved?” That just makes no sense, anonymous.