Apr 15, 2010

Teabaggers protest taxes while spending tax dollars

Today is tax day, and in addition to procrastinators like me getting their federal tax returns in the mail, Republican tabaggers will be also holding fake, Astroturf “tea parties” all over the country.

April 15 has traditionally been a day to protest against taxes, but the teabagger arm of the Republican Party has used it as a campaign tool. The real irony is as they allegedly protest against taxes and government spending, they are doing it at places paid for by taxes and costing tax-payer dollars to do it. The real reason the protests are going on is because they hate President Obama and Republicans hate losing.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune is reporting that a November “tea party” featuring batshit crazy Michele Bachmann, R-Minn, Tom Price, R- Ga., Todd Akin, R-Ms, and Steve King, R- IA, cost taxpayers nearly $14,000. Bachmann and the three other lawmakers split the cost for a private company to arrange staging and a sound system, using their official congressional member allowances.

Technically, the money fell within congressional rules, so long as it was not campaign-related. However, it was clearly a partisan campaign event. That cost also does not include the cost of security, clean up and damage the teabaggers cause.

In Michigan, officials in Macomb County’s Clinton Township are upset that teabaggers lied when reserving public property for a campaign event, and they also caused damage to township property that must be repaired with tax money.

So, when you witness one of these hate fests with their racist signs and Republican elected officials as featured speakers, remember, it was the tax dollars that paid for the roads to get to the public places where they are holding the Astroturf farces.

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