Apr 18, 2010

County Chair Daubenmier wins statewide Neil Stabler Award

DETROIT -- Livingston County Democratic Party Chair Judy Daubenmier was the recipient of the Michigan Democratic Party’s 2010 Neil Stabler Award at the 2010 Jefferson Jackson Dinner Saturday night.

The recipient is chosen by the Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party to honor an individual who gave unselfishly of themselves to the state party and its principals. The award is handed out at the annual Jeff-Jack Dinner in Detroit’s Cobo Hall.

Daubenmier was a reporter for The Associated Press for 20 years. She then earned a doctorate degree in history from the University of Michigan and taught classes there. She became involved with politics by contributing to the movie “Outfoxed” about the rightwing bias of Fox News Channel. She became the chair of the county party in July of 2008, and in addition to beefed up fundraising, she established the party blog, Living Blue.

“She had a fast rise to the top, but it was well deserved,” said Michigan Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer. “She’s particularly proud that Livingston County voted for Diane Marie Hathaway over Cliff Taylor in 2008.”

Daubenmier is the second Livingston County Democrat to win the statewide award. Green Oak Township resident Kathy Carney, the chair of the 8th Congressional District Democratic Committee, is also a past winner.

The award is named after Neil Staebler, one of Michigan's leading political activists. His public life was devoted to improving democratic government by increasing the participation of citizens in all aspects of public affairs. He was chairman of the Michigan state Democratic central committee, a member of the Democratic National Committee, a visiting professor at the University of Massachusetts and a U.S. Congressman. Staebler passed away in 2000.

(Photo courtsey of Danielle Mann)

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