Apr 23, 2010

The tooth fairy responds to fire at teabagger HQ

The irony of teabaggers allegedly protesting taxes and out of control government spending at the fake Astroturf “tea parties” on public property provided by taxpayers continues with the news of an electrical fire at the headquarters of the teabagger group collecting signatures to try and stop 1.3 million Michiganders from getting health care coverage and exempt Michigan from the historic health insurance reform law signed into law by President Obama last month.

Head teabagger and extremist Howell Public School Board member Wendy Day reported that an electrical fire broke out at the group’s Lansing HQ at 2:30 p.m. Thursday. She reported in an email that they immediately called 911 and grabbed everything we could and ran out of the building.

“It was quite exciting to watch four fire trucks and a dozen firefighters show up ready for action,” she wrote. “The trunks of our vehicles are now full of petitions, office supplies and even our plant.”

This email was, of course, a plea for money. Gee, I wonder who was paying for those four fire trucks and firefighters that responded so quickly? Oh yes, taxes. It’s funny, the City of Lansing plans to close a fire station because of revenue shortfalls, yet when you call 911, you expect an immediate response and you get one.

We already know the teabaggers are the extremist wing of the Republican Party, and former GOP Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich confirmed that. That’s why the Michigan Republican Party is helping with the teabaggers petition drive to stop health insurance reform. Teabaggers/Republicans have to collect the signatures of 380,126 registered voters no later than July 5 to place the measure on the ballot.

Subscription only Gongwer is reporting that another traditional GOP ally is joining the petition drive. Officials with the Michigan office of the National Federation of Independent Business said Thursday it would help collect signatures to put the proposal on the ballot. The group will pass out petitions to its members, as well as use its agents to help collect signatures.

This is an obvious disservice to its members. The law will provide tax credits for up to 109,000 Michigan small businesses to make coverage more affordable. Only 43 percent of small businesses are able to provide health care to their employees, yet they are opposing something that will help them provide for the employees they say they value.


Not Anonymous said...

You make light of a fire by talking about the tooth fairy?

Perhaps you've never had house catch fire, or a business you work at catch fire. Or worse yet, had a family member die or be seriously injured in a fire.

Not only can you not get your facts straight, you're one sick individual. I'm being generous in giving you the benefit of the doubt about being a sick person. Because if you're not sick, then it just makes you extremely evil.

Communications guru said...

No, I make light of teabggers hating taxes, yet taxes provide essential things like fire trucks. Who do they think mans the 911 center and puts out the fire? The tooth fairy?

My facts are straight, and you have never debunked a single thing I have ever written. If you see a non-straight fact in this blog post please point it out. My family has suffered a house fire, and the government employees did an excellent job putting it out and saving the house.

Thanks for the compliment, coming from someone like you it means a lot to me.