Apr 2, 2010

Domestic terrorist gets life sentence for murder of doctor

Domestic terrorist Scott Roeder was sentenced to life in prison in a Wichita, Kan. courtroom Thursday for the cold-blooded murder of Dr. George Tiller last year.

Tiller was shot to death as he served as an usher during services at Reformation Lutheran Church in front of his family on May 31. Tiller was a long-time target for the anti-abortion extremists because he dared perform a legal procedure on women who chose to have an abortion in a safe manner. The Women's Health Care Services, where he served as the medical director, was one of only three nationwide which would provide abortion after the 21st week of pregnancy.

Roeder, an anti-choice extremist and domestic terrorist, was convicted of the cold-blooded, premeditated murder on Jan. 29, and he was sentenced Thursday. He has a long history of violence against abortion providers. He tried to turn the courtroom into his personal soapbox at the sentencing hearing with a rambling 40 minute screed, but Sedgwick County District Judge Warren Wilbert wasn’t buying it.

Other extremist anti-choice advocates and members of the domestic terrorist outfit “Operation Rescue” spoke on behalf of Roeder asking the judge for leniency, describing Roeder as “a kind person who acted to save the lives of "the unborn.,” according to a story in the LA Times. One anti-choice extremist described Roeder as "a very loving and compassionate man who only had feelings for those other than himself." Sure, if you disregard that fact he walked into a church during Sunday services and pointed a gun to a guy’s forehead in front of his family and friends and pulled the trigger.

“George Hough, a clinical psychologist who evaluated Roeder for the defense, testified that Roeder was not psychologically impaired when he chose to kill Tiller, but was motivated by a strongly held religious belief. Hough said that beginning in his late 20s, Roeder had "moved increasingly in the direction of radical religion, Christianity," and became "obsessed" with taxes, license plate laws and "the true intentions of the framers."

Gee, doesn’t that sound familiar.

Roeder will not be eligible for parole for more than 50 years. The Judge also sentenced him to “24 consecutive months on two counts of aggravated assault for threatening to kill two church ushers who tried to stop him as he fled Reformation Lutheran Church after the shooting.”

Tiller was the fourth abortion provider and the eighth person connected to an abortion clinic to be killed for their work since 1993.

The Doctor’s family should file a wrongful death suit against the man partially responsible for Tiller’s death by putting a price tag on his head, rightwing demagogue Bill O'Reilly.

Tiller was discussed in at least 28 episodes of the spin zone before his death. For four years O'Reilly called him a baby killer, said he had blood on his hands and would “kill a baby the day before it was born.”


Not Anonymous said...

He's not a domestic terrorist. He's a murderer. When you blend terrorist into others that commit crimes you dilute the seriousness of terrorism.

Communications guru said...

Sorry, anonymous, he is a domestic terrorist. He uses terror, the threat of death, to intimidate other doctors from performing a legal, constitutionally protected medical procedure. That’s the very definition of a terrorist.