Jul 28, 2009

Rightwing nuts known as the “birthers” go off the deep end

Although nothing will satisfy the rightwing nuts known as the “birthers,” Dr. Chiyome Fukino, the Health Director of the Hawaii State Department of Health, issued another statement on Monday that said President Obama was indeed born in Hawaii and is a U.S. citizen.

He issued a statement before the election in October 2008 that he saw the original birth certificate, and on Monday he did the same thing, according to a story in the Associated Press.

“I ... have seen the original vital records maintained on file by the Hawaii State Department of Health verifying Barack Hussein Obama was born in Hawaii and is a natural-born American citizen," Fukino said in a brief statement. "I have nothing further to add to this statement or my original statement issued in October 2008 over eight months ago."

In recent weeks the so-called “birthers” have gone even further off the rails, and interest has intensified. One widely circulated YouTube clip of a recent town hall meeting showed a Republican congressman getting booed for saying Obama is a citizen, and one woman flung her birth certificate sealed in a baggie over her head. I have no idea what this is supposed to symbolize.

We saw some of this insanity and veiled racism at the false, so-called “tea parties” on April 15. But the insanity is even going mainstream. Ten Republican members of Congress co-sponsored a bill that would require future presidential candidates to provide a copy of their original birth certificate. Apparently, they are making a huge to-do about the difference between a birth certificate and a “Certificate of Live Birth.”

Factcheck put that no birth certificate myth to rest in August 2008, but it has not slowed down the crazies. Apparently, they believe there is a 47-year conspiracy involving the State of Hawaii, a couple of daily newspapers and the doctor and nurses present at the President’s birth.

But like the AP article says, Congress has moved on. The U.S. House on Monday unanimously by a vote of 388-0 approved a resolution recognizing and celebrating the 50th anniversary of Hawaii becoming the 50th state. A clause was included that reads: "Whereas the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama, was born in Hawaii on August 4, 1961."

I have no idea why this BS is still going on almost a year after President Obama’s historic victory, I guess some people will never accept an African American President. No one made a big deal out of the fact John McCain was not born in the U.S., and it was only brought up in retaliation because of the charges of Republicans that Obama was not a citizen.

Those of us who live here in Michigan will remember former Gov. George Romney’s brief Presidential run in 1968, even though I was only 10, but not a whole lot of publicity or fuss was raised that he could not be President if elected. He was born to American parents in Colonia Dublán, Galeana, in the Mexican state of Chihuahua, and he lived there until his Mormon parents returned to the U.S. when he was five years old.

What’s the difference between Barrack Obama and George Romney? It’s pretty obvious.


Johnny C said...

So if Bobby Jindal decided to run for president in 2012 is ok for us on the left to demand to see Jindal's birth certificate? After all we gotta make sure he was born here and not in India.

Not Anonymous said...

I've never been one to believe that Obama was born in Kenya without some sort of proof, although Kenya is setting up Obama's birthplace as a place of honor in Kenya (as announced on WRIF in Detroit by the Ambassador from Kenya).

I do have questions about his citizenship because to attend school after his adoption by Soeto and subsequent move to Indonesia he had to be a citizen of Indonesia. Did he renounce his citizenship in the United States when that was done? I believe he did. When he returned to the US, he would have had to apply to get his citizenship back, but since his mother didn't return with him, there was no way that he could.

Am I to believe Obama is a natural born citizen because Fukino said so? Nope. I have no desire to start trusting politicians. They are all dishonest regardless of their party affiliation. Can I believe a birth certificate with a raised seal? Yes, for the most part I can, but not one provided by Obama. Again, politician, again, not trustworthy.

John McCain's situation is a little different. Yes, he was born outside the US. However, his parents were assigned out of the country on government business at the time. This makes McCain an exception to the natural born citizen law. He is considered naturual born because of the service by his father at the time of his birth.

George Romney was not eligible to be President in 1968 when he ran. He was born to AMerican parents, but he was born in Mexico and his parents were not assigned there as government employees.

Should Bobby Jindal have to provide a certified copy of his birth certificate? Yes. Every person running for President should be required to produce their birth certificate.

This topic was not brought up by the REpublican Party, nor was it the topic of the Tea Parties in April. It was brought out by a Hillary Clinton supporter. I believe his name was Berg. He is a lawyer and he is a Democrat.

The implication that this is due to racism, is silly. It is the requirement in this country that all who are elected President be natural born citizens. The only racisim that has taken place is by the Democrats. First there was Bill Clinton in S.C. during the campaign, then there is the Cambridge incident where Obama inserted himself into a local police matter where the professor brought up race (again, a Democrat). Every incidence of racism has been introduced by the Democrats from the beginning of the campaign to today. Even the "historic" election. What makes it historic is that Obama is half black. Otherwise, he's just another Socialist that was elected.

What's the difference between George Romney and Barack Hussein Obama? Romney was Governor of Michigan, ran a successful business and had experience, although he was not a natural born citizen. Obama may or may not have been born in the US, may or may not have renounced his citizenship, may or may not have reclaimed his citizenship, has never run a business, let alone a successful business, and spent just 143 days in the US Senate.

Had the Republicans run a conservative rather than a moderate or a liberal, Obama would likely not be President now. While the number of voters were more in the last election, the percentage of voters was down. The reason given in this report two weeks ago was that a larger percentage did not vote because they weren't happy with either candidate. The only question that remains about that election is did more that were to vote Republican sit out or did more Democrat voters sit out? Nobody can really know the answer to that.

So your attempt at injecting racism into wny people don't like Obama is again a Socialist Democrat trying to create racism on the Right when all of it thus far has come from the extreme left.

Johnny C said...

These birthers don't give a rat ass about whether or not Obama is a American citizen, I wished they admit they don't like having a black guy with a funny name as president at least I can respect that point of view than this horseshit about him not being a legal American citizen.

President Obama can build a time machine and take them back in time to show them his birth in Hawaii and they still wouldn't believe him. And last time I check Not Anonymous Hawaii is a American state.

Here's a plus for you guys on the right if you guys just admit the reason you guys don't like Obama because he's a black dude with a funny name you might be view as racist but I rather been view as a racist than a raving nut bag think about it your side is trying to make an argument where you have to ignored an official Hawaii birth certificate, a announcement of birth in the local Hawaii papers and hours on hours of fact checking on this issue.

Before I get to the main, main point of my rebuttal to you, you claimed that if the Republicans ran a conservative Obama wouldn't be president.. Now to remind you John McCain is a conservative Republican and we're in debt now because of we had eight years of conservative Republican controlled.

Now to the point again say Bobby Jindal decided to run and earn the Republican nomination for President will the birthers and those Republican house members join me in demanding to see Bobby Jindal's official birth certificate? Hell how do I know his mother didn't had him in India before moving to America?

Not Anonymous said...

It's simple. Ask for a certified copy of a birth certificate. Obama could end this just be producing the document. He has not done that. It should be a requirement for every candidate to prove his/her birth with a certified birth certificate.

McCain is not a conservative. The only racists are the Democrats. Harry Reid and Leaky Leahy proved it again today.

There is nothing racist about demanding to see that the socialist Obama provide a certified copy of his birth certificate. You may want for everyone that disagreed with the socialist to be a racist, but your saying so, doesn't make it so. Unless of course you want to call yourself a sexist for not voting for Palin.

Communications guru said...

Unbelievable. First, you say “I've never been one to believe that Obama was born in Kenya,” but a few paragraphs down you say, “Obama may or may not have been born in the US.” The bottom line is you are a racist birther, and he certainly wad born in the U.S.

Your claim that, “Kenya is setting up Obama's birthplace as a place of honor” is simply a lie.

Nice try on the Indonesian citizenship. According to Factcheck, “Because Obama was born in the U.S., he could not lose his citizenship as a child. It could be revoked only if he became a citizen of another country as an adult, and if that country didn’t permit dual citizenship.”

Fukino is not a politician; he is the director of the Hawaii Department of Health, and not only has he seen it, so has Factcheck.

Yes, John McCain's situation is a little different. He was born outside the U.S.; Obama was not.

This topic may not have been originally brought up by the Republican Party, but they are the ones pushing it. This has been settled, and the U.S. Supreme Court even settled it. It most certainly was a topic of the “Tea Parties” in April. Hell, it was nothing but an anti-Obama hate fest.

There is no doubt this is about racism. The President never inserted himself into a local police matter where the professor brought up race in Cambridge. A reporter asked him a question at a press conference, and he answered it. If the Professor had been white, he never would have been arrested.

What makes this the election historic is that Obama was first African-American president. There is no such thing as a “Socialist” Democrat in this country, and that is just a fascist Republican talking point.

There is a lot more difference between President Obama, and George Wilcken Romney. The first one is Obama was elected President, and Romney wasn’t The President was a U.S. Senator for four years, not “just 143 days.” The President was also a community organizer, an author, a successful attorney, a law professor and a state Senator. Plus, he was born in the U.S., and Romney was not.

It would have mattered who you ran against Obama. It was you that chose McCain as the nominee, not me or the Democrats. Democrat didn’t “create racism on the Right,” it’s always been there.

Communications guru said...

He has already produced it, you idiot. Plus, you just said, “Can I believe a birth certificate with a raised seal? Yes, for the most part I can, but not one provided by Obama.”

Johnny C said...

Guru already stated it, I'm going to repeat it Obama posted his birth certificate online and the media check into it and found his birth certificate was legit. The problem with you birthers not anonymous is that you refused to accept this reality.

As for the Republicans pushing it, their fringe supporter started and the Republicans have for the most part pander to them. From the house Republicans wanting future candidates to present a birth certificate in a bill and that Firedog lake video that show different Republican reps either siding with the birthers or trying to avoid the question.

Piggy backing on guru's point when the smoke settled on the Republican side John McCain won so what does that say about you guys for picking him if he's not a conservative? As for Sarah Palin she proved during the campaign she's just an attractive version of George W. Bush so to your point not if I voted for McCain/Palin I would be endorsing four more years of Bush style politics.

Using the first part of your argument against you Not anonymous will you and these birthers demand to see Bobby Jindal's birth certificate before voting for him in a primary if he runs?

Not Anonymous said...

You said "The President was a U.S. Senator for four years, not “just 143 days.”

This is a lie. He was elected to the US Senate in 2004. He didn't take office until January 2005. He began running for President in 2006. He was not in the Senate during the campaign with other than token appearances. He did not serve in the Senate for four years as you say. He was barely in the Senate long enough to take a crap.

You said, "It most certainly was a topic of the “Tea Parties” in April."

Wrong yet again. The Tea Parties were about the excessive spending of the Obama administration who have quadrupled the deficit and doubled the debt in four months. The tea parties were about the coming tax increases along with the excessive spending and you can expect more now that Obama plans to spend even more money by blowing $1.6 Trillion on a health care system that is failing around the the world.

Don't even waste your breath talking about how health care is better around the world. You have no credibility when it comes to health are because you let your own wife go without while you have it.

You said, "What makes this the election historic is that Obama was first African-American president."

There you go, bringing up race again. Yet you continue to call the Republicans racist. For a nation that has been trying to be color blind for the past 40 years, you bring up race alot.

You said, "Fukino is not a politician; he is the director of the Hawaii Department of Health, and not only has he seen it, so has Factcheck."

Fukino is a political appointee to that position, therefore, politician. If you're going to use factcheck, you really ought to read it. You might find out that Fukino is a "SHE" not a "he". I guess maybe factcheck forgot to point out that she didn't have that extra appendage, but it does prove that you spew without any knowledge. I wonder, if you stand in a windstorm with your head turned, do you hear whistles?

You said, "A reporter asked him a question at a press conference, and he answered it."

Yep. He answered it. The proper thing for a President to do is to say it'a s local matter and not one for the White House to be involved in. But instead, he chose to berate the Police in Cambridge by saying that they acted stupidly. Then claimed that this is what blacks have had to deal with. Again, racism introduced by the President a socialist Democrat.

Not Anonymous said...

Oh, by the way, for the excessive namecalling that you can't seem to avoid each time you make a comment, I'm not going to namecall you as you do any longer. Instead, there are just two words for you. I'll let you figure out if they are "drop dead" or "fuck you".

Communications guru said...

I said "It most certainly was a topic of the “Tea Parties” in April” because it is a fact. Those false events promoted by DC lobbying firms and Faux “news” are simply anti-Democratic and anti-Obama rallies populated for the most part by fringe groups like White Supremacists, militia members and secessionists.

Health care is better around the world, unless you are the richest 1 percent where money is no object. We are like 37th in the world for health care performance, and 37th is not good enough. But you are right about wasting my breath: you can’t reach a closed mind with facts.

I said "What makes this the election historic is that Obama was first African-American president” because it is a fact. I continue to call the Republicans racist because it is a fact. Actually, not all Republicans are racist, and in fact only a small percentage are racist. The ones that are include people like you: the “birthers” and “tea party” idiots.

“Color blind?” By your reasoning we should do away with St. Patrick Day parades and ethnic festivals like Greek-American and others.

I said "Fukino is not a politician; he is the director of the Hawaii Department of Health, and not only has he seen it, so has Factcheck” because it is a fact. However, you are correct in that Fukino is a woman.

I said "A reporter asked him a question at a press conference, and he answered it” because it is a fact. He is also correct in that the police in Cambridge stupidly. If you think racial profiling does not happen in this country then you are dumber than I thought.

Once again, there is no such thing as a “socialist” Democrat in this country, and that is just a false Fascist Republican talking point.

You have absolutely got to be joking? You are honestly calling me out for name calling after the personal attacks you have heaped on me? You really are an idiot. I’ll take "fuck you,’ and thank you very much. If a liberal used that kind of language on a rightwing blog they would be banned so quick it would make your head swim.

I’ll remember that statement, “I'm not going to namecall (sic) you as you do any longer.”

Plus, I noticed how you refused to address your contradiction that Obama can end this all by producing his birth certificate, and then saying, “but not one provided by Obama.”

bluzie said...

All of the United States members of the House of Representatives signed a statement that they believe President Obama is a United States citizen and that he was born in the USA.
Does this stop the idiots?
There is no truth to this story and those who keep it up show their stupidity.

Not Anonymous said...

Bluizy, when you don't tell the truth, you put yourself in the same category as guru.

All of the United States members of the House of Representatives did NOT sign a statement that they believe Obama is a citizen.

The House did pass a resolution, which is non binding, recognizing Hawaii as his birth place. But the vote was 378 to nothing. 57 House members did not vote.

As I said I don't necessarily believe that Obama wasn't born in Hawaii. But I don't believe that he was either. In other words, I don't know if he was or he wasn't. 378 House members voting on a meaningless resolution doesn't convince me one way or the other.

Saying something that isn't true, is telling a lie. I expect that from guru because he does it all of the time. I thought that would be beneath you.

Communications guru said...

You’re the only one not telling the truth. I have never lied, and you have never pointed one out. There is absolutely no doubt he was born in Hawaii, and for you to say “I don't know if he was or he wasn't” makes you a “birther.”

bluzie said...

I do believe they all signed, and if I am wrong I am sorry. There is no doubt President Obama won the election and is a United States Citizen. This birther business is lunacy. There is no point and it just flat isn't true.
Why do you think Obama was adopted and renounced his citizenship, that is simply not true.
This crazy talk will continue to drive sane people away from the Republican party and a new party will indeed need to be formed.
I find it difficult to understand how people could hate so much to carry on this way. But as I said, it is lunacy.
Because you believe this nonsense and I know it isn't true, I can NOT calling you a liar. I think you hate so much that you really are not thinking correctly, but I don't doubt your sincerity.
I am sorry you hate so much, I really think this is destructive. In the end, it hurts so many people.
My question to you, do you think it is racially motivated?

Not Anonymous said...

You "believe" they all signed? It's very simple. Google House Resolution regarding Obama's birthplace. You'll learn the facts and you won't have to "believe" something that's false.

I never said that there was doubt that Obama won the election. There is doubt about his citizenship. It's likely just people wanting to create problems where none exist, but I'm not one that believes he's not a citizen. I have my doubts, but I'm more on the side that he is. So guru's name calling is just that. Childish name calling.

I believe Obama was adopted by his step father because war broke out in his step fathers country (1967 I think I read) and they recalled all students home. His step father was a student at the University of Hawaii. He returned home with his wife and little Barry. To attend school Obama had to carry a card that matched his registration in school, which maintained that his name was Barry Soeto and it was law that anyone that attended school, MUST be a citizen of that country.

Obama was known as Barry Soeto through school and even when he returned to the United States.

When his mother and step father divorced, Barry was 19 and it's so stated in the papers for divorce that they had children and listed them. Had he not been adopted, he'd have not been mentioned as a child of both, but only as a child of hers.

You keep saying it's hate, but it's not. I'm sure there are some that hate him for various reasons. I don't hate him. I hate his policies he's putting in place. I hate the spending he's doing and the lies he's telling and has told, but hate him? Nope. Not me. I don't know the man.

I'm really not worried about what you think of the survival of the Republican party. You're a liberal Democrat. So for the Republicans to take advice from liberal Democrats, Socialist Democrats or even lap dog Democrats would be another silly thing for them to do.

I don't really care if you think my opinions are destructive. As I said, you're a Democrat, so if you don't like my opinions, then I'm doing something right. I believe that regardless of which side is elected it's the responsibility of the people from both parties to hold the elected people's feet to the fire.

Unlike you, who blindly follows Obama and every Democrat, and Socialist Democrat plan and proposal, I stood up and said when I disagree with Bush. Examples: The Dubai ports deal. The medicare part D, the refusal to veto spending bills put out by the Republicans for six years. I disagreed with those and stated so loudly and often.

...to be continued

Not Anonymous said...

and the rest.....

Is the dislike for Obama's plans, policies, tax increases, spending policies racially motivated? No. But it wouldn't matter. One of two people were going to be elected. Either Obama or Hillary. If Hillary had been elected, the liberals and Socialist Democrats would be saying that the Republican party hates women. Obama was elected, so the liberals and socialist Democrats say it's racially motivated hatred.

The racism that has been out there has been put out by the Democrats for the most part and started with bill Clinton in S.C. during the campaign. Obama's history with Rev. Wright shows more racism from a Democrat, which Rev. Wright is. It's now being perpetrated by Henry Louis Gates in this Cambridge incident. The woman that reported the breakin was accused of being racist, but then the tapes came out and exonnerated her. The tapes came out of the communication between the Sgt and the police station and you can hear Gates in the background yelling.

Here's one more little tidbit for you. The press is forever saying that Gates was arrested in his home. He wasn't. He was arrested outside his home when he followed the cop outside and continued his racist ranting.

There was one incident of racism on the Republican side by a staffer for a Tennessee Representative. I don't remember if the Rep was a state or Fed representative, but one of her staff sent an E-mail that appeared to be bigoted.

Your question has the wrong premise. It's not hate of Obama. It's dislike and fear over his policies, looming tax increases and right now, his attempt to socialize health care.

The hatred came from your people over George Bush for 8 years.

bluzie said...

There were plenty of reasons for all of us not to like George Bush, yet I never felt the need to make up stuff about him. It isn't the Democrat's way.
I did read Dreams from my Father years ago and I am going to get the book out and read it again. I have no memory of Barack Obama being adopted. It doesn't seem right to me since his dad was still alive. I do think you are wrong and if he were adopted it would not take away his right to be President. Even if you had it right, you would be wrong.
I do not think the Democratic Party and Republican Party are a war or should be. I do not think my Republican friends are crazy. However, they do not buy into all the stuff that Rush and Glenn Beck say.
I guess they are sensible Republicans.
You may not like Obama's policies, but this is what he ran on, no suprises!
We elected him to reform health care, for sensible immigration reform, to strengthen worker's rights, to stop Don't as don't tell, to put into place strong climate protection policies, to end the Iraq war, to stop torture, to close Gitmo, to top unfair trade policies and to restore our reputation around the world.
In the meantime, he had to divert an economic collapse that no one saw coming!
He is doing a great job, I am proud he is our President.

Not Anonymous said...

You listen to Rush? I'm surprised. Even I rarely listen to Rush.

The Constitution says "No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United State at the time of the Adoption of of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of the President".

If Obama wasn't born in the US, he's ineligible. If he gave up his citizenship and didn't renew it when he returned to the US as Barry Soeto, he's ineligible.

Too bad you're going to reread his book to get the answers. You'd not be any good in a murder trial as a juror. If you go to the defendant and ask him if he did it, and he says no, even though he did do it, you've screwed the victim plus any future victims.

You elected him to reform health care? It's falling apart. Today's polls show 53% are against it. Immigration reform? Give up national security to allow illegal aliens. Sounds like you're more concerned about gathering votes than national security. Strengthen workers rights? They just rejected card check. Stop don't ask, don't tell? Clinton's policy is still in place and they aren't changing it. Climate protections? The earth hasn't warmed in 11 years and this year there have been 3,000 records broken for cool weather...oh wait, Obama's presence must have solved that. End the Iraq war? Cut and run. We've already won it. Stop torture? I can only laugh at that one. Close gitmo? Congrats, he's going to do it in January next year. They don't have a plan other than putting the detainees in this country, but they're still going to close it. Yep. Right. I suspect we'll start hearing excuses around new years for why it isn't closed in January. Unfair trade policies? I don't even know what to do with this one. Nothings been stopped. The only thing he's done is apologize around the world for America. Restore our reputation? The Chinese are now telling Obama that his policies are going to ruin their investment and he's sent Hillary to beg the Chinese to keep buying our debt. Unfortunately, the only reputation he's restored is that terrorists are free to attack us again. That message comes through loud and clear as Obama decimates defense spending. He'll spend money to plant flowers along the river in Battle Creek, but the one place he cuts spending is defense. We're at risk due to this clown. Be proud.

bluzie said...

And this is why you are a Republican and I am a Democrat! I like the direction the Democrats are moving this country and I have worked very hard to elect Democrats.
It is at the Republican's peril if they continue down the ridiculous "birther" lane.
The book, Dreams of my Father, was written long before President Obama thought of running for President. It was published in 1995! He was not planning on running for President of the United States. He was the first African American to be elected President of the Harvard Law Review and was given an advance by a publisher to write his life story.
No crime has been committed Sherlock.

Communications guru said...

They didn’t all sign. It was a unanimous vote, but a small number did not vote. She made a simple mistake, but who gives a crap that everyone didn’t vote.

There is no doubt that Obama won the election, and there also is no doubt about his citizenship. I never called anyone a name.

I doubt your story about Obama’s stepfather is true. But, he did adopt him; there is no doubt about that. I provided a link from Factcheck that debunked that he renounced his citizenship. An American child does not lose his citizenship just because he is adopted by a foreign national, and a child cannot renounce his citizenship.


I keep saying its hate because it is. It’s clear the Republic party is in trouble, and I don’t care if you don’t want to see reality.

There is no such thing as a “Socialist” Democrat in this country, and I have no idea what a “lap dog Democrat” is.

No one is blindly following Obama, and once again there is no such thing as a “Socialist” Democrat in this country, and that is just a fascist Republican talking point.

Right, I’m sure you criticized Bush. You have already displayed your dishonesty.

Not Anonymous said...

You said," I never called anyone a name." at 9:16pm. However at 9:39pm the night before you said "He has already produced it, you idiot."

Really, you should just quit talking. You keep getting caught in lie after lie.

Communications guru said...

That's not a name, that's a fact.