Jul 20, 2009

Get your MDP gear at new store

You can now wear some attractive apparel that identifies you with a majority of people in both Michigan and the United States, courtesy of the Michigan Democratic Party (MDP).

The MDP announced its new online store, and you can show your pride at being a Democrat with your own t-shirt, hat, hoodies and tote bags. Every month the store will feature new merchandise, and it asking for your feedback on the design of new items.

Contact the store with your feedback at mdpstore@michigandems.com.


ura said...

How exactly do you define "majority of people"?

Communications guru said...

Control of the White House, U.S. Senate and U.S. House.

kevins said...

I think he's got you on this one, ura.

Last elections, more people by far voted for Democrats on both the national and state levels.