Jul 31, 2009

Right-wing whackos plan to crash parade and attack Congressman Dingell

MONROE – It appears an extremist right-wing group called the “Conservative Caucus of Monroe County” is planning to disrupt the Monroe County Fair Parade on Sunday.

This is apparently the whacko group responsible for the fake anti-Obama and anti-Democratic “Tea Parties” here in Monroe. The Grand Marshal of the parade is U.S. Rep. John Dingell, D-Dearborn.

The group is calling its disrespectful and illegal protest “Operation Urgent Fury,” and according to their web site the plan is“to give “Representative John Dingell a reception he won’t forget when he comes to Monroe to participate in the Monroe County Fair Parade.”

John Dingell is the longest serving Congressman in history, serving since 1955, and he is a friend to the working man, the environment and those without a voice in the political process.

At the beginning of every session of Congress since 1955, Congressman Dingell introduces the national health insurance bill, just like his father before him did. He is continuing that fight against right-wing lies and scare tactics that are in full throat today.

We need everyone to come out and support Congressmen Dingell against these extremist nut jobs. The parade starts at 1 p.m., and the Monroe County Democratic Party will meet at the corner of Jones Ave. and S. Monroe St. at 12:30 p.m. to line up for the parade.

See you there.


kevins said...

Okay, I'm not trying to pick a fight here. I am really asking questions that I hope you will answer without your usual vile.

You say the group's protest is "disrespectful and illegal." Do you have more information than is available on the web site link you provided? Could you tell me just what they plan that is illegal? It sounds like they are going to hold up signs along a parade route. What about that is illegal? Or is there something else you know about?

If their protest and signs are disrespectful, then would you say the county Democrats are disrespectful when they march in local parades with signs that criticize Garcia and Rogers? I'm not saying there is anything wrong with that...but I'm trying to understand why one form of protest is disrespectful and the other one isn't. Can you explain?

You seem to describe every group you disagree with as not only rightwing, but also "extremist," "nut jobs" and "whacko." Do you think every conservative group is rightwing? Do you think every rightwing group is extremist? Nut jobs? Whacko? If so, is every leftwing group extremist?

Communications guru said...

My usual vile, brett? You mean like calling people child molesters? Oh wait, that’s you.
I said the protest is disrespectful and illegal because it is. The county Democrats paid the entry fee and abide by the strict rules of the fair committee, that include such things as not tossing out candy and the kinds of signs displayed. Stunts like this group is pulling will get politicians barred from the parade and kill a tradition that has lasted for more than a 100 years. The Grand Marshal is a place of honor.
I assume you are talking about the Livingston County Democrats. They were not violating any rules in doing so.
I don’t know how you can describe "birthers," white supremacists, militia members and secessionists who show up at these so-called tea parties as anything but extremists and whackos.

kevins said...

Well,,,as I suspected, you failed to answer any of my questions. Once again, your own answer proves how wrong you are.

Again, just what illegal activity is being planned? They are going to hold up signs at a parade. That's not illegal...unless, true to your form, you are still in favor of banning the Bill of Rights.

If they do something illegal in Monroe, by all means they should be arrested.

But you said they were planning to do something illegal. When asked to explain, you go into your immature rants and you continue to lie.

I ask you again: What illegal activity do you accuse them of planning?

When George Bush was elected to his second term, there were protesters in Washington on the street who were holding up signs that were quite critical of Bush. Was that illegal? Was that disrespectful? Were they leftwing extremist whackos? Or, perchance, were they exercising their freedom of speech?

Why do you so fear that freedom? You are pretty consistent about denying others the right to state their expressions.

As usual you try to switch the topic. I never said the county democrats did anything wrong. In fact, I said just the opposite. I just wondered if you thought their signs were disrespectful. If not, then how are the Dingell protestor signs different? Is it just because they are not in the parade but standing on the side of the street? That's an odd position to take.

Your position right now is that it is both illegal and disrespectful for a conservactive to exercise free speech. Explain, if you can, if that's not the case.

You also seem comfortable with accusing every Republican and every conservative of being a racist, a birther and a Klansman.

I have no idea who is at the tea parites, or who the Monroe protesters are, for that matter. My question, which you are afraid to answer, was simple: Do you think everyone who is rightwing is an extremist wacko. Do you think everyone who is conservative is rightwing? You are a chicken and youi are afraid to answer straighforward cuestion.

Actually, you cowardice reassures me. If I thought you have any role to play in life, you would scare me. At heart, you are a fascist. I say that because you repeatedly make it clear that you would deny basic rights to anyone who doesn't think the "right" way...and you get to decide what the "right way" is.

You've said a First Amendment protest is illegal. You didn't like the fact that some people didn't want a school tax to pass, so you said their actions were illegal. If you weren't such an irreverent person, you would be scary.

kevins said...

Point of clarification, for the handful of people who may read this blog...

I never ever accused guru of being a child molester. This is a repeated lie ... one of many ... that he pulls out when he is losing an argument. He pulls it out a lot.

I asked him to prove his point once and he chickened out. Now he's at it again.

For those who care, way back when I first discovered this silly site, guru made a baseless accusation that the county Republican Party had broken an election law. It was a complete lie and, as is his way, he failed to concede the point even when the proof was obvious.

Ultimately, he relied on a justification that basically said that as long as he thought they did something illegal, that was good enough for him. To show him how stupid that was, I said it would be like me saying I know of no proof that guru was a child molester.

He got quite sensitive about that. So I will go on record again: The fact that guru can't prove that he has never been accused of child molestation doesn't necessarily mean that he's ever done such a terrible thing.

For that matter, I have no idea about how much porn he views.

Communications guru said...

I have already answered it, but the fact is I will never answer any question to your satisfaction. I should just use your debating style and ignore the question; when you’re not making cowardly anonymous smears, that is
I have never lied, brrett, and you know that because you have never caught me in one and never will.
A fair parade where people pay money to enter is different than one where tax money is used to put it on and it’s sponsored by the government.
How am I denying anyone the right to “state their expressions,” brett? I let anonymous cowards like you use false disgusting smears against me. I could be like rightwing blogs and ban you the first time you say something I don’t like. But I can defend what I post.
No, the signs weren’t disrespectful, and Rogers and Garcia weren’t the grand marshals of the Melonfest parade like John Dingell is for the Monroe County Fair Parade.
I’m not accusing “every Republican and every conservative of being a racist, a birther and a Klansman.” I’m accusing the majority of people who show up that these fake “tea parties” of “being a racist, a birther and a Klansman” because it’s true.
Someone who hides behind a fake name is calling me a coward? What a laugh. My real name is on my blog, and I’m in the phone book, coward.
I never said “some people didn't want a school tax to pass, so (I) said their actions were illegal.” I said they violated Michigan campaign finance law because they did. If I’m so irrelevant then go somewhere else and smear someone else.

Communications guru said...

Point of clarification: you’re not only an anonymous coward, you’re a liar. You have already tried this BS, and I debunked it. Everything I have written on this blog is true, and you have not been able to debunk a single word and never will.
Just stick to the anonymous smears because that’s the only thing you have.

kevins said...

"Everything I've written on this blog is true."

Okay, you said the Monroe protestors were planning to do something illegal. How is that true?

You said I called you a child molester. That's false.

You said the county Republicans violated election laws. That's false.

Here are 4 of the many questions you are too chicken shit to answer:

1. Do you think socialism is a good thing?

2. Do you think all conservatives are right-wingers?

3. Do you think all right-wingers are whackos or extremists?

4. What law are the Monroe protesters planning to break?

Easy questions. Only a liar or an idoit could fail to answer them. Your choice.

kevins said...

You specifically called it an "illegal protest."

How is it illegal?

Communications guru said...

That is correct, brett; “Everything I've written on this blog is true."
Answered twice now.
You’re a liar.
The county Republicans did violate the campaign finance law.

A cowardly pussy hiding behind a false name is calling me chicken? Get real.

1. No.

2. Yes.

3. No.

4. Already answered.

Not Anonymous said...

I am just curious. Why do you keep saying that Kevins is a fake name? I don't understand why you call him brett, but you call nearly everyone brett.

Kevins has a name on here that he chooses to be addressed by, and that is "Kevins". It may or many not be his real name. Why can't you respect his choice and why is it so important to you know who everyone is and how to reach them outside this forum?

I chose the name that I chose because I saw what you did to someone in the past. It's your choice to put your own name out there for everyone and anyone to see and know, but it's also Kevins choice to put his name out there without giving everyone his personal information beyond his name (or the name he's chosen).

The internet is a dangerous place and if people choose not to have their personal information spread across the internet whether it's for their own choice of privacy or to protect their wives and children, what difference does it make to you? It seems to me that the words they state on topics would be more important than what their names, addresses, phone numbers and personal family history's are.

Why the incessant need to know everyones personal information?

Communications guru said...

That’s pretty simple; look at your/his profile. I don’t “need to know (sic) everyones personal information?” Call me old fashioned, but what you say carries a little more weight when you don’t hide behind anonymity, and where I’m from if you are going to personally attack someone and spared false smears you should have the courage not to do it and hide behind anonymity like you/him do.

kevins said...

You didn't answer the illegal question and you never have. You said the planned protests were illegal. Yet you won't explain how, but you say that you have answered the question. You are just flat-out lying.

Again, what illegal activity was planned by the protesters? Or maybe I should ask if you believe in the First Amendment (although it is clear you don't.)

The closest thing I can find to an answer is your undocumented fear that Monroe and others might quit inviting politicians if there are political demonstrations. Even if true, then I would suggest that parade organizers grow a pair. But even if true, I don't see where there is anything illegal.

You lie when you say the county Republican party broke a campaign law. It's a repeated lie...your repeated inaccurate statements don't make the lie true. The only point you can make is that some people who are Republicans opposed the school tax. Those people -- who openly and clearly opposed the hike -- dropped some signs off at the Republican headquarters. It's likely the folks there were sympathetic to the "no vote" decision. That is their democratic right. They didn't break a law.

You rejoiced when a Democratic-backed judge won a non-partisanship race for the Michigan Supreme Court. But when a couple of Republicans take a position on a school tax hike, you falsely accuse the party of breaking the law.

This is just one more in a series of examples where you exhibit a fascist desire to control how other people live and think. Anyone who shares your "good thoughts" can do what they want; but you want to strip away constitutional rights from anyone who disagrees with you.

So, you think socialism isn't good. That's a start. Do you approve of socialist programs, such as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid?

So, all conservatives are right-wingers. William Milliken is conservative. Is he a right winger?Does that mean all liberals are left-wingers? Is Jennifer Granholm a left-winger? Is she a liberal?

Also, are all right-wingers extremists? Are that all whackos? Are they all racists?

You have a short memory span, so I'll repeat the main question: What illegal activity was planned by the Monroe protestors?

Communications guru said...

Asked and answered.
The fact is the Livingston Country Republican party did violate campaign finance law.
Like the overwhelming number of Americans, I approve of the Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid insurance programs.
Yes, all conservatives are right-wingers. William Milliken is not a conservative.
Again, asked and answered.

Lisa said...

Hey, I was at the Monroe County Fair parade and actually was one inspired to protest Congressman Dingell. It is the first protest I have ever participated in outside of highschool.

I was inspired after reading some of the legislation being proposed in the health care bill (HR3200.) This health care legislation in my opinion has some serious implications. I will not go into them here because that is actually not why I am posting.

But I would simply like to say that I am just one person who particiapted in the protest. From the side of the road, we held signs and called out when Mr. Dingell went by. Following this, my friend and I walked quietly through the crowd back to our car. When doing this, we never said anything aloud nor did we walk in front of those sitting watching the parade.

People did read our signs and we received favorable comments by some, we were thanked by others. My friend and I did not receive one negative response (that we are aware of.)

So, I am just submitting an actual, truthful testimony of the protest in Monroe.

One other thing, I am not a member of the Conservative Caucas of Monroe nor the River Raisin Patriots who helped organize the Tea Parties.

kevins said...

You are such a lowdown pathetic coward. You have not answered the question at all. You said they were planning an illegal demonstration and you haven't even tried to back that up. You just say "asked and answered." What a pathetic twerp you are.

Your headline also said they were going to "attack" Dingell. Another lie.

They protested. They held up signs. They exercised, politely, a basic American right.

You lied. You were caught in it. And you continue to lie.

If you lie about something this obvious, you lie about everything.

What law, you sniveling little liar, did the county Republican Party break? None, because they didn't break a law.

To Lisa: you are wasting your time submitting truthful accounts here. They are not welcome.

Milliken, by the way, is a conservative. He's particularly a fiscal conservative. He is a social conservative in that he doesn't believe in the government getting involved in private lives. That's where he differs from many who call themselves conservatives but want to meddle in people's lives. Milliken gets called a moderate, but he's a conservative in the best sense of the word.

You are still too chicken shit to answer the questions. Do you think liberals are left-wing? Do you think conservatives are racists?

You like to toss it out, but when pressed, you crawl underneath your rock.

All you had to say was that protesters were backing the wrong cause; or that you encouraged people to show up and support Dingell. But you had to say they were planning an "illegal and disrespectful" protest. That was wrong. That was a lie. And you are still to much of a loser to admit it...even though your words reveal your lies. This thread is a prime example.

I can only hope for the good of this county that you represent the smallest slice of Democrats. A person like you is scary stupid and weak.

Name the law the protestors broke. Name the law the county Republicans broke.

You don't have any balls, which probably makes the children of this county safer.

Lisa said...

kevins, if you care enough to spend time blogging with this fellow, why shouldn't I?

Communications guru said...

Hey, I was in the Monroe County Fair parade. I saw one protester with a sign that said “Dingell is a Stanalist.” He walked along the sidewalk with his dog from Jones Avenue most of the time then he walked in the street along side us. We, the Monroe County Democratic Party, had at least 50-60 people. At the corner of Monroe and Sixth Street, I believe, where he met up with about – and I’m being generous – 10 people yelling at us the top of their lungs. We ignored them, and as loud as they were I can’t even remember or hear what they said. Then I later saw one woman sitting in a chair holding a sign about health care on Elm Street.
Now, I didn’t see the front of the parade where the Grand Marshal rode, but I know this: you didn’t give “Representative John Dingell a reception he won’t forget when he comes to Monroe to participate in the Monroe County Fair Parade.”
So, I am just submitting an actual, truthful testimony of the protest in Monroe. Excusing me if I’m skeptical of your claim that you are not a member of the Conservative Caucus of Monroe, and I have never heard of the “River Raisin Patriots.”

Communications guru said...

Thanks for the compliments; it means a lot coming from a coward like you. But you really need to go back on your meds. I’m sure you have them, and that you have excellent health care because you want to deny it to more than 47 million other Americans.
I’m still waiting for you to point out where I have ever lied, and we will have a long wait for you to ever find one.
Milliken, by the way, is a moderate. He is so moderate that he is not even welcome in a Republican party that has taken such a hard right turn.
“Do I think liberals are left-wing?” That’s just what you call liberals. I’m a proud liberal, and I don’t give a dam what someone like you calls me. I already answered your questions about conservatives.
I don't have any balls? Well, if I make a charge, I have the courage and “balls” to stand up and take ownership of that statement; unlike you that tosses out false, disgusting personal attacks and then hides behind anonymity. Now, take your meds and calm down and then crawl back in the slime where you belong.

Lisa said...

Hey Comnunications guru.

I agree. The Dingell protestors (of which I was part) did not give Dingell "a reception he won't forget" and if by that phrase, the Conservative Caucase meant a "mean-spirited" reception--then I would not want any part of that. Though that is not how I interpreted that.

I am sorry you were yelled at by some that were probably part of the group. I was not there when what you described happened. But basically there were protestors with signs and some yelled out when Dingell went by. His wife grabbed his hand in what looked to me sympathetically when he was looking toward us.

And truly, I am not a member of the Conservative Caucas of Monroe. I am aware that they are a new pac group. I am aware that the River Raisin Patriots are new--they are a bi-partisan group that I think are primarily in support of less taxation--but don't quote me... They do have a website also.

While I am not part of the above caucas, it is fair to say I am a conservative.

Could the sign you refer to in your above post be "Dingell is a statist?" I did see that sign but not what you have above...

Have a nice night.

p.s. I was wrong--this was not my first protest since highschool--it was my first protest locally, in Michigan. I have protested in NYC in the recent past for other issues. For me to protest locally was a big step--because I am not actually fond of the whole thing--but seriously, the health care bill really concerns me and when I actually read some of the details it inspired me--motivated me--whatever you want to call it--hence the demonstration! thanks for reading.

Not Anonymous said...

Lisa, if comm gur didn't see you, then you must not have been there. If he's never heard of the River Raisin Patriots, they must not exist.

However, with his inability to tell the truth, there are a couple of things of note. He way underestimated the turn out at the tea party in Lansing that took place in March. So don't take much stock in him saying that he only saw 10 people. He hasn't figured out that he can reach twenty if he counts on his toes too.

He admits that he didn't see the front of the parade, but he "knows" that Dingell's reception wasn't bad.

Lisa, continue to stand up and voice your opinion. The people that are elected are the employees of the people that voted them in. You have every right to stand up and voice your opinion, loudly or softly when they do what you think is wrong. Imagine an employer not being able to tell an employee when their work stinks. Don't worry if someone claims you're part of a hate group, or a racist group, or an illegal group or that your protest is somehow illegal. It only puts on display the ignorance of those that claim to know who and what you represent when they don't even know you. You do know if you are or are not a part of any particular group and you know your particular point of view on various topics. These socialist democrats just can't resist telling people what they think, why they think it and when they ought to be thinking rather than when they are thinking something.

One final note. CommGur is a resident of Howell. Howell is in Livingston County. Yet he says, "we, the Monroe County Democrat Party..." he's putting himself in where he isn't actually a part.

I am curious though, Lisa, you said you were yelling things at Dingell. Can you tell me what you were yelling at him? I'm curious of the topic or topics that you were all yelling.

Lisa said...

I myself did not yell at Dingell. But some in the group did. There were probably 30 of us at the side of the road when Dingell came by. I honestly do not know what they yelled. I wasn't listening to the yellers--I was focusing on Dingell and his response to us--as in, will he read our signs? Will he consider our pleas, etc. I would imagine they yelled out things related to what their signs said. For sure not everyone yelled, but how many of us did, I do not know, I was preoccupied with my own curiosity.

The topics of the signs were related to "Cap and Trade" and Health Care. Other signs had pictures of Dingell with things like "fire Dingell" and other more clever phrases that I do not recall right now. One sign read "born to live, taxed to death."

That's pretty much it.


Communications guru said...

It was pretty clear it was to be a mean-spirited" reception, but the good news is that the tea baggers are just an extremist fringe group. I don’t know anyone can interpret it any other way than it was to be a mean spirited reception. I witnessed a few of this so-called “tea parties,” and there was every reason to believe it was going to be an ugly reception. If it had been anything but a small group and there was not such a large police presence it might have been uglier judging from some of the white supremacist, militias group and secessionists that have attended the “tea parties” in the past.
I don’t have any idea what this so-called “River Raisin Patriots” are about, but this fake tea party crap is as partisan as it gets. They are not “bipartisan.”
You are probably right about the sign saying "Dingell is a statist.” I didn’t pay that much attention to the guy, and I was not familiar with the term.
I’m also concerned about the health care bill. We need to pass it so some of the more than 47 million Americans with no health care access can be covered, and so we can compete globally with other countries where employers are not burdened by providing health care for employees.

Communications guru said...

Ah, anonymous coward throws his 2 cents in. I wouldn’t have known Lisa if I saw here. I’m sure the so-called “River Raisin Patriots” exist. After all, there are some fringe groups popping up
You are really stretching the truth, but that’s what I have come to expect from you. I changed my estimate of the “tea party” attendance, and you know that. I have also never lied, and you know that because you have never been able to debunk what I have written.
I never said that the “Dingell's reception wasn't bad.” I described what I saw.
I say we because I was marching with them. Wow. You are rally stretching to attack me. But we have seen that with your baseless attacks on President Obama. Its’ called reaching for straws. I grew up in Monroe, my parents live here, my siblings live here and one of my daughters lives here. Monroe will always been my hometown, and I have worked to elect both Kathy Angerter and Kate Ebli.

kevins said...

So you see, Lisa, guru already doubts your integrity because you have the nerve to have a different political position than he. He's already pigeon-holed you into a group he condemns so that he can dismiss your opinions.

Guru, I guess the "conservative" press has censored all the news about the rampant "illegal" activity at the parade. Remember you said that protesters were planning "illegal" activities. It was a lie and you've conveniently ignored it even while it's clear you were caught in another lie.

Protesters exercise their rights as Americans and you can't stand it.

47 million Americans are not denied health care...in fact, 47 million Americans are not even "denied" health care coverage.

Of the ballyhooed 47 million number, about 9 million are people who earn $75,000 or more. That means they choose not to have health care insurance...they aren't denied it. Another 12 million are eligible for coverage but for some reason -- education, public relations, fear of being recognized, etc. -- have not enrolled. That's a problem, but it will exist with any universal or single-payer plan.

That means that instead of the 15 percent uninsured, there are about 7-8 percent. A problem, to be sure, but do you really tear up a system for fewer than 1 of 10 Americans..especially when Time reports that 80 percent of Americans are happy with their current coverage.

And then there are people like you who "can't afford" health coverage so they demand that others provide it for them. Get off your lazy duff, quit spending money on extras, and buy some insurance. I don't expect to pay for your car insurance, your heating bills, your reading habits and your gas to go to Monroe parades..I'll help cover the bill to make sure the the truly impoverished and children get health care, but I sure don't want to pay for your health insurance. (Actually, that's not entirely true. You claim to have served in the military, so I have no problem with my taxes covering health benefits to those who served.)

Communications guru said...

I see you didn’t take my advice and go back on your meds, brett. The illegal activity wasn’t “rampant,” and it fell flat on its face. You’re right, the press is conservative. But the Monroe Evening News is an afternoon paper. Plus, the extremists failed in their mission to disrupt the parade, so why cover it? Again, I’m still waiting for you to prove I have ever lied.
Actually, it’s more than 47 million Americans without health care. Almost no one, with the exception of the insurance companies making record profits you are trying to protect, think the health care system does not need reform.
You keep attacking working people who simply can’t afford it. Premiums for family plans have increased 78 percent in Michigan since 2000, according to a story in a Lansing State Journal. I can guarantee this: wages have not increases anywhere near 78 percent since 2000.

kevins said...

You lie and lie and lie. You said the protestors were planning illegal activities. Then you snivel and cry when you are called on it. And then continue lying.

How do you support your lie that the protestors planned to disrupt the parade. It looks as though they planned to protest...still a legal activity in this country, despite your best efforts to the contrary.

For people to day the system "needs reform" is as meaningful as saying people want more services for less money. True but meaningless. Surveys show that people are satisfied with their coverage but concerned about it disappearing (if they lose their job) or costing more as companies cut costs. But those same surveys show the typical consumer is worried or downright opposed to national plans, single-payer plans, etc.

A lot of the debate is muddied by erratic claims from all sides. But Obama himself concedes that one of his challenges is to prove to the country that massive reform is needed. It is needed, because health care costs eat up so much of our economy. But for most individuals, the coverage they now have is perceived to be better than what will happen after reform. I'm not saying they are right or wrong; I'm saying that's where people's heads are at.

That's different than you. You expect to spend a lifetime of not acheiving and then you want other people to pay your bills. That's not reform. That's sloth.

Communications guru said...

In your dreams, brett. I said the protestors were planning illegal activities because they were.
I would like to see one of those surveys, but the fact is of all the insurance plans out there, Medicare is rated the higher than any insurance plan out there.
Like I said before, premiums for family plans have increased 78 percent in Michigan since 2000. For anyone to say the system is not broken must be an insurance CEO. I haven’t heard any erratic claims from Democrats on health care, but I have heard plenty of scare tactics from the right.
I do not want anything for nothing, and I have worked my entire life and spent 20 years serving my country. I don’t want anyone to pay my bills. It’s not me that uses the roads, bridges and other things but complains about paying them.

tkt said...

CG - Thank you for your honest and intelligent posts. Facts scare idiots and morons ignore them, trying to communicate with morons is a waste of time. Keep posting, you have loyal readers that know what a good and honest person you are.

Communications guru said...

Thank you. That’s nice to hear instead of constant personal attacks and false and disgusting smears. I have no problem standing by and defending what I write, and I refuse to let their lies go unchecked.

ducksoup said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ducksoup said...

The person that has the hots for you so much doesn't seem to care about truth, just propaganda.

What I don't get about the so-called grass roots tea pary stuff is why they CLAIM peaceful and bipartisan, they are very partisan, and choose disruption and harrassment rather than simple discourse.

Dingell is a perfect example, I seriously dowubt he would refuse to hear from any constituant about any subject if it was peaceful and polite. Yet, they want to create an image of disruption and mayhem.

BTW just happened on this when trying to research the roots - money backers - of the conservative caucus of Monroe.

kevins said...

Okay tkt. Let's look at your post. You commend cg for his honest and intelligent posts. you say facts scare idiots and morons ignore them.

In effect, you are calling cg an idiot and a moron.

I've asked him to verify his claim that the protest was going to be illegal. He has repeatedly refused to do so, and then stated inaccurate answers and then ran away from the facts.

So, tkt, assuming you are fair and logical, please go through the thread and show one place where CG verified that illegal activities were planned...then show how he justifies his "asked and answered" response when he is asked to defend his claim that people planned to commit illegal acts. That's a fairly serious charge. If I said you planned to break the law, wouldn't you expect some proof? He won't even say what law was going to be broken, much less how it was going to occur and how he knows it was going to happen. All he said was that they were going to stand by the parade route and hold signs. That seems legal to me. How about you?

You say only morons ignore facts. Take me up on my challenge and proove that, by your definition, you aren't a moron.

I've only asked guru to substantiate his claim that the protest was going to be illegal. He fails to do that and then goes into a name-calling mode. It will happen. Count on it. I'm just curious to see if you are cut from the same cloth.

kevins said...

By way, tkt. Guru continues the lie that I called him a child molester.

I never have. I replied in a long post that completely refuted his infantile and somewhat paranoid claim.

His response? He ignored it, and then continued crying about something that wasn't true.

Show me, tkt, where I ignored or was scared by facts? Tell me, if you are honest, who really is the one afraid of facts?

My opinon is that guru fears facts. He wants one-sided debate and he wants to shut down anyone who dares express a different point of view. Yes, he "lets" me post on his site. But so what? Hardly anyone comes here and they already agree with his point of view...as you point out when you defend him even as he tells an obvious lie.

But outside this tight little world, he repeatedly takes the position that people with the "right" opinions -- that would be people who think like him -- have the right and the duty to quash freedom of expression of others.

His mindset is scary, totalitarian and far more fascist than he recognizes.

Communications guru said...

Thanks, ducksoup. This is the kind of loons who call every partisan political rally a “tea party,” and display their ignorance and prejudice.

His most favorite cowardly tactic is to call me a child molester then try and deny it by saying he never actually used the actual words, “you are a child molester.” He just constantly insinuates it. His other favorite tactic is to just continue to ask the same question time after time no matter how many times you have answered it.

When the facts are not on your side, that’s what he/she stoops to.

You are right; They don’t want to hear from Congressman Dingell. They want to drown him out, and they don’t want the majority to hear the facts that punche holes in their scare tactics. It’s mob mentality at its best.

kevins said...

apparently guru doesn't think others can answer a simple question...or perhaps he is afraid that they will.

Again, guru has never said what illegal action the protesters were going to commit. Never. Not once. If you have insomnia, read this thread and you will see.

It is true that I have never used the words "you are a child molester." But guru has.

Not Anonymous said...

Looks like someone else has been deleted. Once again, he proves that he is not interested in freedom of speech.

I guess the health care socialization plan going down the tubes is beginning to aggravate these socialist democrats.

Communications guru said...

I have answered your question many times, brett. Other than to be annoying, perhaps you are just keep repeating that lie because are you just not smart enough to know it. You have certainly called me a child molester many times, and that does include the many times I deleted it after repeated warnings. After a while, I just let it stay; it says a lot about who you rally are, brett.

As for your partner/other identity; are you really that dumb? Note the words, “This post has been removed by the author.” See, the author is the person who wrote it, not the administrator. He deleted it himself.

If I wasn’t interested in free speech I wouldn’t allow you two to constantly print false smears and personal attack against me. This isn’t a rightwing blog that can’t stand up to someone who challenges them.

But once again, there is no such thing as a "socialist" Democrat in this country, and that is just a fascist, thug talking point.