Aug 6, 2010

Will the nerd debate or hold townhall meetings in response to debate challenge

The public may finally get to see the real Rick Snyder after Democratic Gubernatorial nominee Virg Bernero formally issued a challenge to hold eight debates before the November 2 election.

Snyder, the GOP nominee, is clinging to this “outsider” tag with a death grip, and that’s why the public knows so little about his stand on issues. He has declined to fill out questionnaires from the many groups that endorse or present information on the candidates to the public or their members, and he has ducked GOP debates.

He blew off two debates sponsored by the Michigan Republican Party, and instead he chose to hold “ town hall” meetings around the state in front of friendly audiences. His excuse was that he isn't interested in following "the typical career politician playbook.” But the truth is he would rather spend his millions of dollars made by shipping 20,000 jobs overseas and from cashing in on 355,000 stock options worth $23.7 million at a time that executives at the company admitted they misrepresented the company’s financial outlook on 30-second TV spots talking about what a “nerd” he is than face real questions from voters and his opposition.

It also has a lot to do with how badly he did in the first televised debate sponsored by the Michigan GOP on April 21 at Michigan State University broadcast by Lansing TV station WLNS.

There is little chance that many debates will actually be held, and not just because Snyder is afraid for people to find out how little he knows about the issues and Michigan government. Generally, gubernatorial candidates only hold three or so debates.

"The people of Michigan are starved for a chance to compare candidates side by side,” Bernero said in calling for the debates. “Only by giving the public a chance to compare their records and ideas can they make a decision on who should be elected governor.”


K. said...

Start a rumor that he's the brother of the Dan Snyder who owns the Redskins. That will settle his hash.

Communications guru said...

Actually, the truth is enough to make people not vote for him. He is hiding behind this image he paid millions of dollars for, and he doesn’t want to tarnish it with an honest and open debate. He doesn’t want people to realize he is an empty suit who enriched himself by cutting and offshoring jobs.