Aug 30, 2010

Lance Enderle is the Democratic candidate for Congress for the 8th District

DETROIT – The Michigan Secretary of State bowed to public pressure and allowed Lance Enderle’s name to appear on the November ballot as the Democratic nominee for the 8th Congressional District.

The 8th Congressional District Caucus at the Michigan Democratic Party Convention on Saturday unanimously voted to make him our candidate. Kande Ngalamulume’s name appeared on the ballot as the Democratic nominee in the August primary, but he pulled out of the campaign in June and moved out of state. But, his name remained on the ballot until he registered in his new state. He finally did that, but Land initially balked at adding Enderle’s name until she finally bowed to public pressure on Friday.

Enderle campaigned as a write in to replace Ngalamulume, but he did not get enough votes to replace Ngalamulume. However, he did not give up.

“People in the state and country gave up on the 8th District, but not us,” he said.

With no opposition, Rogers has been busy raising huge amounts of corporate cash for his fellow U.S. House Republicans. Enderle knows he has a tough row to hoe to win, but he is in it to win it.

“I’m no sacrificial lamb; I’m going t take it to Mr. Rogers in November,” he said. “I have already challenged him to five debates in five counties.”

Rogers has been as scarce from the 8th District as snow in July, and perhaps a challenge will make him accountable to voters again.

“We have got a guy in Congress who doesn’t care about us or the people in the rest of the county,” Enderle said. “I can tell you, Mr. Rogers is the worst enemy of the environment.”

Enderle is a teacher from Clinton County, and he graduated from Lake Superior State University, and has experience managing numerous small businesses and was the director of the Cheboygan County Family Resource Center. He has pledged not to take PACC or corporate money.

“When we give corporations more power than people, we are in trouble,” he said.

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Rachele said...

Way to go Lance. The people need a new voice and I wish you the best in becoming it.