Aug 24, 2010

The ginned up controversy over the mosque that is not a mosque continues

The ginned up controversy over the building of the Islamic community center in lower Manhattan near the site of the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001 that is not a mosque continue to go on for some strange, unknown reason.

The controversy is confusing when you consider they have had a mosque in the same neighborhood for many years even closer, located just two blocks away from the proposed community center, city officials support the project and Muslims have been praying at the Pentagon, the other building hit on Sept. 11, for many years. What is planned is really a community center, complete with basketball courts, a swimming pool and cooking schools. It’s essentially, a YMCA, as columnist and author Charlie Pierce pointed out. A YMIA, if you will.

"This is no more a mosque than Logan Airport is a church because it has a chapel,” he said.

Yet, the controversy gets worse and continues to divide Americans and trash the U.S. Constitution. To find out why, you just need to look at how the fear-mongering got started and who is behind it. Salon does a great job summing it up.

When it was first brought to light, even people like rightwing hatemonger and radio host Laura Ingraham endorsed it while guest-hosting "The O'Reilly Factor," of all places. Then she apparently got her copy of the rightwing talking points.

Rightwing bloggger and bigot Pamela Geller then began misrepresenting the facts, and the vast rightwing echo chamber ran with it, and here we are today.

To get a hint at how crazy this woman really is and how much she hates Muslims, she once tried to pass off the lie that President Obama was the illegitimate son of Malcolm X. She is also a member of the anti-Muslim hate group called, Stop Islamization of America (SIOA).

This hate group not only wants to stop the Islamic Community Center from being built, it wants to stop any Mosque from being built.


Grung_e_Gene said...

Pam Geller is inhuman and I'm not speaking just of her looks, her mind is warped by the Fascism she holds dear to her.

But, more importantly is the absolute carnage this is wreaking amongst the Right. I hope it causes a schism between the White Christian Fascist Wing and the semi-sane Conservatives who have been counting on the Tearrorists to bring them electoral victories.

Communications guru said...

It always made me wonder if people like that really believe a lot of the stuff they spout, or if they just do it to get attention and fame in rightwing circles. It has worked for her, and the entire mainstream media has picked up on it.

Johnny C said...

Guru I say money and be the newest "rising" star in the right wing media echo chamber before this faux outrage regarding the community center I haven't even heard of this chick.

The couple of times I've seen her I wonder did she went to the Ann Coulter/Michelle Malkin school of being a right wing hell hound.