Aug 12, 2010

New website highlights Schuette’s oily record

The Michigan Democratic Party today unveiled a new website called to inform voters of the truth about preferred Michigan Republican Attorney General Nominee Bill Schuette’s oily record.

Has a record of supporting big oil and Wall Street. As a State Senator he sponsored a bill that would allow slant oil drilling under the Great Lakes.

“Bill Schuette has been in the pockets of Big Oil, Wall Street, and other special interests throughout his entire career,” said Michigan Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer. “Voters deserve to know the truth about Bill Schuette and his terrible record. will provide those answers and let the voters know that Bill Schuette has been ‘On Duty’ for those special interests and not for them.” contains videos, press releases, and documents about Schuette’s record, including “Schuette on Duty for Big Oil”, which shows how Schuette has kowtowed to Big Oil through campaign contributions and supporting drilling for oil in the Great Lakes while he was a State Senator.

The site will also include, “Schuette on Duty for Wall Street,” and “Schuette on Duty for Himself” – the most recent video which tells voters how Schuette failed to vote for the Americans with Disabilities Act on final passage while he was a Congressman.

“These videos and press releases only scratch the service of Schuette’s record,” Brewer said. “There will be plenty more to come.”

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