Mar 24, 2010

Right-wingers twist a champion’s words and hope people are stupid

Republicans and those on the right are hoping people are stupid.

U.S. Rep. John Dingell, D-Dearborn, has been fighting for health care insurance reform since he was elected to Congress in 1955, as did his father before him. He appeared on rightwing radio station WJR on the show hosted by Paul W. Smith, who on occasion subs for rightwing hatemonger and soon-to-Costa Rica native Rush Limbaugh.
In that long and partisan interview, Dingell was responding to a loaded question on why it will take so long to cover 32 million of the 50 million Americans who are uninsured, and he made the mistake of using three unfortunate words that the right took out of context. Already it has made it around the rightwing media and blogsphere like a shot.

Those words: “control the people.”

Now, anyone with half a brain knows that he meant it will take until 2014 to properly administer the program and pay for it, but rightwing, anti-government types that see a conspiracy around every corner are hoping you will take their word for it.

Don’t because, as usual, they are lying.

Listen to it yourself, and you will see they are full of hot air, among other things.

Update: The next day Congressman Dingell clarified his comments on a show hosted by right-winger Frank Beckman, and said he was talking about the people administering the program.

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Johnny C said...

I still don't know how in the hell here in Detroit we are stuck with two flame throwing right wing talk stations, three if you count 103.5 when they talk politics.

If I was John Dingell and that dingle berry Paul W.Smith called I would hang up the phone on that bastard. From past experience I had with right wingers they take one little sentence or phrase either take it out of context or play selected editing and beat you over the head with it.

I know Debbie Stabenow either goes on Stephanie Miller or Ed Schultz's two show if she want get her point across. The problem we have here is that 1310 is amazing expect for Saturday now but we need more local programming so people like Dingell can avoid WJR.