Mar 16, 2010

Another example of Republicans trying to circumvent the will of the voters

The all-Republican Green Oak Township Board of Trustees is the latest example of how Republicans hate the democratic process.

Republicans hate elections, union elections or otherwise, and the Livingston County Daily Press and Argus is reporting GOT “want at least three months to figure out how Michigan's voter-approved medical marijuana law fits into township zoning rules.”

“On Wednesday, the township Board of Trustees will consider a 90-day moratorium on the "sale, growth or dispensation" of approved medicinal marijuana use. The moratorium would allow time for township planning officials to determine how to incorporate medical marijuana use into the township zoning ordinance, said Supervisor Mark St. Charles.”

The good news is that Greg Francisco, president and founder of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Association, told the newspaper that “local boards and councils don't have the right to even suspend approved medical marijuana use. He said zoning laws don't apply because the program doesn't involve any type of business.” He plans to target the board.

Voters approved marijuana for medical use in November of 2008. It seems a little strange that 16 months later the township now needs three more months, and it’s unclear what it needs three months for.

This is similar to the Senate Republicans trying to circumvent the will of the voters and regulate the program out of existence.

The Senate Judiciary Committee is hearing testimony on Senate Bills 616-618 that would treat medical marijuana as a schedule 2 narcotic, limit a patient's ability to get the drug and require that it be purchased from a pharmacist with a physician's prescription.Supports say the bills could end the program and circumvent the will of the voters, and that may appear to be the case if the bills become state law.

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