Mar 28, 2010

Stop teabaggers from denying Michiganders access to life-saving health care

Apparently, Livingston County is going to be “ground zero” or teabag central for the petition drive to place a constitutional amendment on the ballot to try and deny thousands of Michigan residents access to life-saving health care.

A ballot group called “Michigan Citizens for Healthcare Freedom” is planning a petition drive kickoff for 6:30 p.m. Monday, March 29 at the Howell Freshman Campus cafeteria - 1400 W. Grand River Ave. 48843- to exempt Michigan from the historic health insurance reform law signed into law by President Obama last week.

The group is led Howell Public School Board member and teabagger Wendy Day. An article in today’s Livingston County Daily Press & Argus is little more than a promo for the event, and I’m sorry I suggested it to my former colleague. It’s ironic that just a few feet away from where Day voted to strip health care from more than 30 Howell school bus drivers she wants to rally people to deny it to thousands of Michigan residents.

This partisan political rally clearly violates district policy about using district facilities and events for political purposes, and this is a partisan political rally. The reporter never got an answer from Assistant Superintendent Rick Terres on why this is not a political rally advocating for a position. There is no way it can be “considered an informational meeting, which isn't prohibited in the district's building-use policy, according to the article.

Where is the other side if it’s an “informational meeting?”

“A prior district policy prohibited political campaigning in district buildings, though Day's event doesn't fall in that category, Terres said.
That policy was revised in 2008 to allow candidate forums for local, state and national political races. The change was made after a Daily Press & Argus candidate forum scheduled at a district building was canceled by district officials, Terres said.”

Again, this is a political rally, and it is not in any way a political forum. Now, if a representative from both sides of the issue held a debate, then it would meet the criteria for a forum or informational meeting. Clearly, it doesn’t. It’s a partisan political rally, and I don’t want my tax dollars as a homeowner in the HPS district to be used to try and kill something that is needed so much.

So, if you’re not doing anything Monday evening, please attend to show your support for the 32 million people who will receive health care coverage under this bill. If you can’t make it, call the person who made the decision to allow taxpayers funds to support a partisan position. Call Associate Superintendent Richard Terres at (517) 548-6357 to lodge a complaint.


Not Anonymous said...

Thank you for the information. I think I'll show up to support those wanting to stop the takeover of the health care system. To stop the increased taxation. To stop this farce of a bill from causing millions of more people to lose their jobs. In other words, I'm going to show up to support those that believe in the American values and against the tyrannical takeover of America by the Socialist Democrats and in particular, the one Anti American Socialist Democrat that now occupies the people's house.

Communications guru said...

You’re welcome, anonymous, but if you didn’t know about then you’re not a very good teabagger.

Considering the exchanges involve private insurance companies, there is no “takeover of health care.” I would love to get rid of the for-profit insurance companies, but this law does not do it. One again, anonymous, there is no such thing as a socialist Democrat in this country, and that is just a tired, false fascist Republican talking point.