Mar 22, 2010

Republicans get even more desperate in their attempt to deny people health care

Apparently, Republicans in Michigan are not happy that 32 million Americans with no health care insurance will now have it, health insurance companies will no longer be allowed to deny people coverage because of preexisting condition, the federal budget deficit will be cut by $138 billion over the next decade, seniors on Medicare will pay less for their prescription drugs and young adults will be able to remain on their families' insurance plans until age 26, and they are launching a petition drive to kill the historic health insurance reform bill passed on Sunday.

The Detroit News is reporting that rightwing and teabagger state Rep. Tom McMillin, R-Rochester Hills, is helping launch a petition drive to place a constitutional amendment on the ballot designed to exempt Michigan from the historic health insurance reform law. McMillin did not have much luck with the last petition drive he was involved with the failed recall attempt in 2007, and this one will fail, too.

This is the same political stunt the Senate Republicans tried week that failed to get enough votes.

McMillin announced the petition drive outside William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak today. Ironically, hospital officials made it a point to say they do not support the petition effort and support health insurance reform. Constitutional Amendments require the valid signatures of registered voters equal to 10 percent of the total number of votes cast for all candidates for governor in the last election, and that comes out to the signatures of 380,126 registered voters just to place it on the ballot.

I watched the publicity stunt on WDIV TV news, and they were already collecting signatures. Those signatures do not count. The Michigan State Board of Canvassers must first approve the ballot language before any signatures are approved. Once language is approved, the required signatures must be collected in six months and there can be no more than 90 days between the first and last signature.

Even if they collect enough signatures and it won at the ballot box, it’s unconstitutional. It violates Article VI of the U.S. Constitution, known as the supremacy clause.

In a move that is even more pure, election politics and pandering to the fringe teabaggers that have become the Republican Party, Michigan Republican Attorney General and Gubernatorial candidate “Manoogian” Mike Cox plans to file a legal challenge to the health insurance reform law’s constitutionality, contending that it violates the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

To help fight off this misinformation campaign, make a contribution to Progress Michigan. They have identified a donor who will put up a dollar to match every dollar you give up to $10,000 to help in the fight to protect the health care reform we all fought so hard to achieve.


Not Anonymous said...

Once again, you take a situation and create a false reason for that situations existance.

Republicans have no problems with 32 million people getting insurance. We are not interested in seeing them go without insurance. Including you. What we are against is government taking other peoples money to pay for deadbeats that don't take on the responsibility for their own care.

There is a better way. Open the insurance companies up to sell their products across the country. There are 1300 insurance companies out there. If they are all able to compete in each of the 50 states, the competition will bring the prices down. In addition, when those prices come down, people buying will increase the pool of money insurance companies have to insure others which will decrease premiums even more.

I already know the answer you're going to give to this question, but you're not normal. The question is, would you rather have insurance professionals handling your insurance and creating new and innovative ideas to insure people for less, or would you rather have a corrupt, lying politician handling your health insurance for you and keeping you in the same old insurance plan where your neighbor, who is more industrious than you pays your promiums for you?

People appreciate what they have much more when they buy it, than they do when it's handed to them at someone elses expense.

Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime.

You cannot put 32 million more people on the public dole and save money. It's mathematically impossible. Social security is going broke. Medicare is going broke. Now you want to create a health care plan of the same mold? How many times do you have to fail before you figure out something doesn't work?

I know, your answer is always, "one more time."

Communications guru said...

Again, Republicans are against 32 million people getting insurance, and people working two and three jobs and can’t afford health care insurance is not lazy or irresponsible. The fact is the current system of health insurance is unsustainable, and it’s killing our economy.

No, I would not rather “have insurance professionals handling your insurance,” but under this bill they are. They make profit by denying care to people that are entitield to and paid for, and in many cases care that is life-saving. Medicare is better run, and it is the highest rated insurance plan by people who have it. The first responsibility of insurance companies is to make money; the first responsibility of government is to protect and empower its citizens.

Johnny C said...

Not Anonymous,

I'll try to keep this short the Republicans are against health care not because they believe there is a better way.. This is about politics the Republicans counted on the idea if we stop President Obama they will win by default.

And it look like the plan was succeeding when Scott Brown was sworn in. But lucky for us a light bulb finally went on in White House and President Obama and the Democratic leadership passed the health care bill..

And allow me to debunk the biggest Republican talking point, the American people are against this health care bill.. Before hearing the details of the bill people were against it but once people find out what's actually in the bill support for the bill goes up..

I got another poll number 59% have a unfavorable view on how the Republicans are of handing health care.
So when I hear the Republicans talk this shit, what tidal wave they're going to ride with? A majority of people don't like them either.