Mar 24, 2010

Republican have to make up lies to smear Stupak

The right-wing smears against U.S. Rep. Bart Stupak, D-Menominee, are going non-stop after he did the right thing and voted for much-needed health insurance reform.

His stand on abortion was a little confusing because federal funds have long been barred from paying for abortions for a number of years, and this bill did not change that. Still, he held out for an executive order President Obama will sign today reaffirming that fact before he voted yes. Now, right-wingers are calling him a traitor.

But make no mistake about it; it’s because he did the right thing and voted for the bill, not his anti-choice stand on abortion that he is being smeared.

The Republicans are now using long-established procedures to claim the votes of Democrats were bought. Even if that were true, in the end the money would have gone to better the public good, in sharp contrast to scandals like Cunningham and Abramoff where the money went in their and their crony’s pockets.

The latest smear against Stupak is that he voted for the bill in exchange for three airports in his district receiving federal grant money. The only problem with that lie is that Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) awarded grants in 47 states -- including one in Minority Leader John Boehner's district -- as part of a decades-old airport improvement program.

In fact, many of the most vocal opponents of the bill are receiving the same grants. Eleven airports in Rep. Don Young’s, R-Al, district received grants totaling more $56 million in FAA grants. Also receiving the grants were Mike Pence, R- Columbus; Steve King, R-NY; and Michele Bachmann, R-batshit crazy.

Stupak already had a primary opponent because he held out so long on the health insurance bill in Connie Saltonstall, a businesswoman and former county commissioner from Charlevoix. But he now has a Republican opponent in some guy named Dan Benishek from Crystal Falls who has never ran for office before.

His web site only has a place to donate money, nothing else, and that appears to be what his campaign is all about. He is getting offers of out of state money on rightwing blogs.


Not Anonymous said...

$726,000 for Stupak for airports that get less traffic than the late John Murtha's corrupt airport deal.

The Cornhusker kickbak. The Lousiana Purchase. The Florida deal. The hospital in Connecticut.

And what do you bring up? Abramoff? You're a one note drumbeat. Apparently, in your world, if a Republican robs a convenience store, he should be shot on site, but if you rob the same convenience store, you want the clerk to offer you a bag of chips so you don't get hungry during your getaway.

Stupak is a lying coward. The Susan B. Anthony group was going to give him an award tonight but rescinded it because he stood up for the right to kill babies rather than protecting their rights as he claimed. You're an advocate for killing unborn babies, why weren't you upset with him for holding it up? Never mind. I'm not interested in your answer because you're a walking contradiction.

If this bill is so good, why were all of the deals needed? If this bill is so good, why are all of the deals made with strictly Socialist Democrats? Usually, when "backroom deals" are made, they are made with members of the other party. Obama had to negotiate with his own party to get this passed and even then, the bipartisanship was only on the opposing side. Not one Republican joined Democrats with a vote, but 34 Democrats joined the Republicans.

These are the things that Barack Hussein Obama campaigned on as changing the way things work in Washington. He was going to end the backroom deals. He was going to have bills online for five days after they reached his desk. He too is a liar. But then he has a D after his name, so who should expect less than lies?

This will be repealed. Not this year and not next year, but the morons on the left have pissed off the independents and the right with this takeover of the health system. They will lose a tremendous amount of seats in the fall and then lose the rest in 2012. The only question is, will the 37 states suing to stop this win before the bill is repealed.

Perhaps you should review what Rep. Dingell said on the air yesterday. Obamacare will "control the people".

The left has been exposed to the right and to the independents and even to many on the left as tyrants.

Communications guru said...

I don’t know anything about this alleged John Murtha's corrupt airport deal. Again, the program is 10-years old, and health insurance reform opponents got the same grants. Why are they not corrupt?

What about “The Cornhusker kickback,” “The Louisiana Purchase,” “The Florida deal” or “The hospital in Connecticut?” None of those things occurred. Plus, as I said in the post, even if they occurred, they went to benefit the people, not like Abramoff and Cunningham that went in the pockets of Republicans.

How can Stupak be “lying coward?” He didn’t lie. No one, not even abortion, is killing babies, especially now that they will have health care and cannot be denied coverage under this bill. Not only that, federal funds cannot even be spent on abortions. No, I’m an advocate for a woman’s right to choose and exercise control of their own reproductive rights and not have government involved.

The bill is good, and there were no deals. Once again, anonymous, there is no such thing as a socialist Democrat in this country, and that is just another false, fascist Republican talking point. Republicans opposed this for political purposes only. Independents are smart enough to see that.

Correct, President Barack Hussein Obama campaigned on reforming health care insurance, and he did it.

No, this will not be repealed. Not this year or ever.

Not Anonymous said...

No deals? You really do live in your own little world. If this is the information that you're getting from PMSNBC then you're missing out on a whole world full of information.

You're going to sit there and say that Ben Nelson of Nebraska didn't get a deal(medicare paid for in Nebraska forever) for his vote? That Mary Landrieux didn't get a deal ($300 billion) for her vote?

If it was anyone but you, I'd be completely flabbergasted that you'd say there were no deals. You don't live on a place that normal people like to call earth.

You're wrong or lying or both. Republicans opposed this because it's a bad deal. Because it's socialized medicine. Because there are death panels in the bill, even if they aren't called "death panels". That was the name that Republicans tagged it with. What it boils down to is that the government will decide who is worthy of getting medical care based on their expected time to live.

If it's such a good deal, why did three drug chains in Washington announce they will no longer accept new medicaid patients?

If abortion funding wasn't in the bill, then why did Stupak work his deal for the executive order and why did Obama agree to signing the executive order?

I'm almost in agreement with you about there not being any such thing as a socialist Democrat. They seemed to have jumped right into fascism with this bill.

This bill is good for government. It's bad for the American people, for the insurance companies and for the free market system.

So now, we have the government owning Chrysler. Government Motors is owned by the government (and they were just required to take a 15% pay cut) and now the health care industry is owned by the government. Oh, and you said there were no new taxes with this bill. Well, once again, you're either wrong or lying. There is a tax on white people. You must now pay a tax through this bill when you use a tanning salon.

The bill won't last. The only question remaining is will the court declare it unconstitutional before it's repealed by the Republicans. The good news is that this guarantees the election for the Republicans in November and most likely make Obama (the new American terrorist) a one term President. Then we'll really get to hear Biden using the "F" word.

Not Anonymous said...

Representative John Dingell said it best this morning. Obama care is the best way to "control the people". That, is fascism.

Johnny C said...

LOL not anonymous in the house fixes those deals are gone, ironically it's YOUR party the White Supremacist Republican party are voting to keep those deals in the health care bill.

As for the 34 democrats you and air heads like Elizabeth Hasslebeck lie to point out, let's be real those dems two main reasons in voting against the health care bill is 1. like the Republicans those Dems are on their knees for the health insurance lobby and 2.those Dems have dumb fucks like you Not living in their districts so they rather save their own ass and then do the right thing.

As for Bart Stupak only thing I have to say about him is that it was weird.. He agree to a deal that pretty much have Obama repeat a rule that already exist in a executive order..

Once again the pro-life movement proves that they're not really pro-life. In this bill no more pre-existing conditions, filling the doughnut hole in medicare, kids can stay on their parents health insurance policy until 26, the health insurance have put in the money they take in for actually health service and if you get sick you can't get kicked off by your health insurance company what's not pro-life about that..

Again the right is trying to find shitty excuses to opposed this bill.

Communications guru said...

That is correct, anonymous, no deals. Correct again, anonymous; Ben Nelson of Nebraska and Mary Landrieux didn't get a deal. The only deals were the ones that have gone on since the Constitutional Convention of 1787 where lawmakers say if you vote for my bill, I’ll vote for yours. It’s called compromise, and it’s not a bad word. In fact, it’s how the Constitution came about.

No, anonymous, like I said before Republicans opposed it just to give the President a defeat. Like rightwing loon Jim DeMint said, they want it to be his Waterloo. The fact that the insurance companies are their biggest benefactor didn’t hurt either.

Oh, the old, debunked death panel talking point. More false claims from you with zero proof. I never said the bill was “such a good deal,“ but it was a great start. The fact is the current system is unsustainable and dragging the economy down.

Like I said, the EO was unnecessary because paying for an abortion with federal funds has been banned for a number of years, and the bill did not change that.

You need to look fascism in the dictionary because it’s a rightwing movement.

I agree, the bill is good for government because the government is the American people. It’s also good for private business because it cuts taxes for small business. A single-payer, universal system would be better so American business would be able to compete with other countries head to head.

The bill will last, and it’s constitutional. The political grandstanding by people like Mike Cox will fail. “Obama (the new American terrorist)?” Where are you getting that bullshit? He has kept us much safer than Bush. Is it supposed to bother me that Biden said fuck in private? I was in the Navy for 20 years; I’ve heard the word before. I don’t know if he will be the Vice-President in 2012, but Obama will still be the President until 2016.

Hey, Foley; anonymous needs your help now, not that it would do any good; you’re simply on the wrong side of history. Unless you’re the same people.