Oct 8, 2008

Quote of the Week: Morris gets it wrong again

This Quote of the Week is dedicated to the worst political pundit still employed: rightwing tool and noted Clinton hater Dick Morris.

Morris was the speaker at Cleary University in Howell's Economic Club Speakers Luncheon Series, and he dished up more of his boring old hatred of Sen. Hillary Clinton.

"Bill and Hillary Clinton have one central idea in their uncluttered, ambitious minds: Hillary in 2008. Let Bush get re-elected, use the '04 primaries and general election to clean out the underbrush of competing Democratic candidates, and proceed unimpeded to the '08 nomination. Use the book tours to build support and popularity, but let somebody else take the fall in 2004." -- Dick Morris

"I didn't do what they said I did ... I may have done enough so that I don't know if I can prove my innocence.” -- Dick Morris

"The stronger Hillary is, the weaker she is. The more she seems like a likely presidential winner, the more difficult the senate race becomes in New York. It's perfect.” -- Dick Morris

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