Oct 30, 2008

Sleepy Taylor one man show gets rave reviews

For a great piece of performance art that reflects real life, check out the touring show sponsored by Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer with a staff member portraying Sleeping Judge Cliff Taylor when he fell asleep during a Michigan Supreme Court hearing for the case of two mothers who lost six children in an apartment fire owned by the Detroit Housing Commission.

In a press release, Brewer said Taylor, who leads the conservative majority of activist judges known as the "Gang of Four," has been snoozing while Michigan families have been devastated by rulings that changed Michigan law and unfairly protected special interests, corporate polluters and drug companies.

"Just like you wouldn’t want a driver asleep at the wheel, you wouldn’t want a judge asleep on the bench,” Brewer said. “Cliff Taylor has repeatedly turned his back on Michigan families and changed Michigan law to protect special interests and corporate polluters. Michigan families need Supreme Court justices that will put our families first, not their excessive pay and perks.”

Brewer unveiled the show yesterday on the steps of the Michigan Hall of Justice in Lansing. Brewer outlined some of the most egregious Taylor rulings that unfairly protected corporations and polluters, at great expense to Michigan citizens and families. During the press conference, the young thespian playing Sleepy Cliff jerked awake when Brewer mentioned his perks, his salary and how he has protected the status quo.

Among the more horrendous cases, Taylor refused to hold a landlord liable for faulty wiring that sparked a fire in which six children were killed. During arguments in that case, eyewitnesses said Taylor fell asleep. He wrote the opinion upholding Michigan's unique drug immunity law, which allows drug companies to avoid responsibility when their products hurt or kill someone. Taylor also changed Michigan’s Environmental Protection Act in the Nestle case, making it harder for citizens to protect the environment. The state House Judiciary Committee is investigating Taylor for abuse of power and misconduct.

The one man show is currently touring the state. Be sure to vote for Judge Diane Marie Hathaway for Michigan Supreme Court in the nonpartisan part of the ballot.

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