Oct 23, 2008

Walberg takes a dip in the sewer to try and keep his grip on his House seat

The spinning from extremist Tim Walberg and his rich alley, the Club for Growth, is spinning out of control as they see the 7th Congressional seat slipping away to Senate Minority Leader Mark Schauer, D-Battle Creek.

The latest attack has hit rock bottom for both taste and outright lying. The latest despicable ad goes even lower than the last one and it ads the new lie to the others that Schauer voted to send pornography to children. Walberg continues to try and draw comparisons between Schauer and Academy Award winning filmmaker and Michigan resident Michael Moore. I can guarantee you this: Michael Moore has done more for Michigan than Walberg has, and that includes Walberg's 16 years in the state House and two in the U.S. House. He has accomplished virtually nothing.

I debunked the last ad where Walberg lied and said Schauer voted to give illegal immigrants a driver's license in Michigan. That lie was easy to debunk, and this one will just as easy too.

In the 1990's when Schauer was still in the Michigan House he voted with the majority against a bill that would have made it more difficult distribute pornographic material over the Internet. It was a good thing he voted in the majority because he saved Michigan taxpayers thousands of dollars in legal fees defending a bill that was overturned as unconstitutional.

This is contrast to Walberg's dismal record in protecting children. He has repeatedly voted against health care for children. I guess he figured they can just go to the emergency room like he tells the other 47 million uninsured Americans.

In every commercial Walberg claims Schauer was the "deciding vote on the largest tax hike in Michigan history." There is absolutely noting true about that statement, and it contains two lies.

You will recall that the Legislature had to make up a $1.8 billion budget deficit last year. The Legislature finally had to confront the constant tax cuts over the years with no corresponding cuts in spending. After painful cuts had been made across the board, the only other cuts would have had to have been made to vital public services like healthcare, education and public safety. After a brief government shutdown in the wee hours of Oct. 1, 2007 the Senate voted 19-19 for a slight increase in the state income tax and a since repealed sales tax on services.

Schauer is the minority leader in the Senate, meaning the Democrats are the minority in the Senate. That, of course, means Democrats cannot get anything passed in the Senate on their own, and in order to get anything passed Republicans had to vote for it. In a tie vote, the President of the Senate has to cast the tie-breaking vote, so the Lt. Governor actually cast the deciding vote.

Second, it's not the "largest tax hike in Michigan history." That actually occurred under Republican Gov. George Romney when the state income tax was implemented in 1960.

If you want to talk about tax increases, look at the crazy scheme Walberg co-sponsored. The National Sales Tax that would have placed a 30 percent sales tax on everything from food and prescription drugs to cars and homes. The dangerous plan would have had a devastating effect on senior citizens, working families and the auto industry.

It's easy to see why Walberg is taking a swim in the gutter. A new internal GOP tally of U.S. House races has all but conceded the 7th District seat to the Democrats. The poll rates 66 House Republican seats, and the 7th District seat has been rated as "likely gone" and placed on the death list.


Anonymous said...

You just did what you accused Representative Walberg of doing. He is not supporting a 30% tax increase. He's supporting the FairTax which puts a 23% tax on all purchases. It also eliminates the income tax repealing the 16th amendment (HR 25 and S 1025). It elimates all of the embedded taxes in goods which is 22%. No more payroll tax. Increased contribution through the fairtax to Social Security and Medicare, possibly saving them from certain crash. Under the fairtax, if you make a $100 purchase, $23.00 of that $100 is the fairtax. Not in addition to the $100 but part of the $100. Over 3,000 economists are backing this proposal. This eliminates the progressive income tax, which is straight out of the Marx manifesto and makes the 23% tax part of the purchases. In other words, you're lying. You should read up on the fairtax before making outrageous comments. You can find this information at www.fairtax.org

Communications guru said...

I did what? I accused Walberg of deliberating lying. I did not.
I had no idea that hair-brained scheme he was proposing was the same thing as the so-called "fair tax." I am familiar with the Michigan Fair Tax Proposal that would enact a 9.75 percent sales tax on goods, food and services purchased in Michigan. I certainly had no idea about a 23 percent mark-up on goods. That would be at least a tax of 32 percent. Plus, the actual rate of the national sales tax would be 30 percent, not 23 as people like you claim. People are just trying to feed their families, and you want to put a 40 percent tax on basic necessities? What's fair about a consumption tax?

Anonymous said...

Once again, you prove yourself ignorant of the facts. I jsut explained to you that the tax is inclusive and 23%. You insist on jacking it up to 30% and now 40%. The Michigan fair tax proposal is not the same as the fairtax. Once again, you're either lying or are just completely ignorant of the truth.

Communications guru said...

Sorry, brett, That's your opinion, not a fact. The so-called "Fair Tax Proposal" pending will tack on a 30 percent hike for those people just buying the basic necessities to stay alive. I understand the Michigan "Fair Tax" proposal is different. It's a separate 9.5 percent sales tax, jacking an extra almost 40 percent surcharge for milk, bread and eggs. No lie anywhere, pal.

Anonymous said...

Did you just try to call me a brat? I shouldn't be surprised. liberals always resort to namecalling. Too bad you don't know anything about the fairtax.

Communications guru said...

No, I called you by your name. If I wanted to call you a “brat” I would come out and call you that. You called me a child molester and many other names, and you have the nerve to say “liberals always resort to name calling?” Unbelievable. Too bad you don’t know anything about the “fair tax.”

Anonymous said...

You have the wrong name dude. That's a nice dodge though on your ignorance of the fairtax.

Communications guru said...

I have the wrong name, says Anonymous. I think I have the right name, dude. I know as much as about the “fair tax” as you do. If you want to debate the merits of the “fair tax,” fine, but this post is about Walberg’s false and disgusting ads.

ka_Dargo_Hussein said...

Maybe you should explore comment moderation like the coward Brett has.

While you can control what is displayed on the blog, a one-man show could be kept VERY busy if someone decided to MAKE them moderate. Brett is just fortunate no one has done that to him yet.

Anonymous said...

I thought this was a discussion of the topic. The topic was your complaints about supposed lies by certain candidates, yet you lied about the 30% tax. Now all you want to do is get you and your minions to argue about whether or not I'm someone else. I think you've proven your lack of knowledge and lack of respect for others opinions. Argue amongst yourselves if you like. There are other liberals that are willing and anxious to discuss things without trying to put down others.

Communications guru said...

“My minions?” I had no idea I had any of those. What I have is people who read this blog, and a few who comment, like Ka. Sorry, you fit the MO of brett, so to me you are him. If you don’t want to be identified as someone else simply register a screen name with Google.

Like I said before, if you want to have a discussion of the so-called “fair tax” then say so. What about the false claim that Schauer voted to send pornography to children. Or Walberg’s attempt to compare Schauer and Moore? I have no idea why that’s a bad thing. What about the lie that Schauer was the "deciding vote on the largest tax hike in Michigan history?”

You are the one who came here calling me names, so how is it me that’s displaying a “lack of respect for others opinions?” Experts against the “fair tax” say the proposal as written will actually be 30 percent. You could have told my I was mistaken or I was wrong, but you chose to cal me a liar. I know as much about the “fair tax” as you.

I’ll tell you what, brett, I agree that “there are other liberals that are willing and anxious to discuss things without trying to put down others.” If you want to go there, fine. If you want to keep posting anonymously and attacking me here; that’s fine too. I’m not going to lose any sleep over either decision.

ka_Dargo_Hussein said...

The wingers are out in force! Represent brothers...keep pushing your failed policies! We want you to!

The more you push, the more WE WIN!!!