Oct 22, 2008

LSJ Journal urges readers to oust Taylor from broken Michigan Supreme Court

The Lansing State Journal is the latest newspaper to endorse Judge Diane Marie Hathaway to help fix the broken and politicized Michigan Supreme Court.

Hathaway is squaring off against rightwing Republican Cliff Taylor, and he leads the partisan majority of activist judges known unaffectingly as the "Gang of Four" that have slammed the door to the courts shut to all but insurance companies and the richest corporations. If fact, the LSJ endorsed Hathaway's candidacy "as a way to protect the rights of Michigan residents against the assaults of the Taylor-led court."

The newspaper also said "The most important vote a Michigan resident can cast this fall is to oust Chief Justice Clifford Taylor from the Michigan Supreme Court." That would be a blow for justice, so be sure to flip your ballot over and vote in the nonpartisan section for Judge Hathaway.

Michigan Republican Chair Saul Anuzis is doing more than spinning over a TV ad that accused Taylor of sleeping during oral arguments on the bench in a case where six children died in a house fire. In the case, McDowell vs. City of Detroit, the two mothers of the dead children said that Taylor fell asleep during their case. What's Anuzis's answer? The mother's are lying.

He's all class.

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