Oct 31, 2008

Most vocal opponent of Proposal 2 may not really oppose it

The deliberate deceptions by the opponents of Ballot Proposal 2 that will allow embryonic stem cell research continue.

Prop 2 proposal opponent Sen. Tom George, R-Kalamazoo, has been traveling the state debating the proponents of Proposal 2. Clearly, the head-to-head debates are a great idea, but the only problem is George, an anesthesiologist, is the only person the opposition can find to debate for their side. This time, George debated former Republican Congressman and medical doctor Joe Schwarz, of Cure Michigan, at a forum at Wayne State University, according to the Detroit Free Press.

One of the biggest deceptive talking points that has been repeated time after time is that as written, Proposal 2 would prevent the state from regulating a science that critics believe could lead to human-animal hybrids and other "chimeric" creatures.

According to the Free Press, George told "the seemingly pro-stem cell crowd, he said, "You can be in favor of embryonic stem cell research and still oppose this measure." He refused to say if he personally was in favor of embryonic stem cell research.

Schwarz called out George on the false talking point that the Legislature could do nothing to regulate stem cell research.

"I maintain that if this passes, that Tom George and the health committee in the Senate will be setting up a regulatory framework around which this research could be done," Schwarz said.

Better yet, if George is not against embryonic stem cell research and wants to ensure it's regulated properly, then he can vote for House Bill 4616 that will allow the creation of embryonic stem cells for research and HB 4617 and 4618 that would increase the penalties for engaging or attempting to engage in human cloning.

HB 4616 was introduced by Rep. Andy Meisner, D-Ferndale, on April 19, 2007 and is stuck in the Judiciary Committee. HBs 4617 and 4618 were introduced by Rep. Mark Meadows, D-Lansing, and are also stuck in the Judiciary Committee. George can get an assurance from the Senate Majority Leader that the bills will be taken up by Senate during the Lame Duck session so they can be moved out of the House Committee. He can then rewrite them any way he pleases to ensure proper regulation.

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