Oct 10, 2008

Report card says McCain does not support the troops

Despite Republican Presidential nominee John McCain's Navy service, his alleged support of the troops appears to be littlie more than lip service.

The nonpartisan Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) recently released a report card of Congresses votes on veteran's issues, and McCain received a D while Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama received a grade of B.

The report card is based on the legislative priorities outlined in IAVA's Legislative Agenda, and it selected 22 key votes on veterans' issues in the 110th Congress. The votes cover the entire range of issues facing new veterans, including veterans' health care, the new GI Bill, mental health and support for homeless veterans

Among Michigan Legislators, Democratic Sens. Carl Levin and Debbie Stabenow both received an A+.

Members of Congress from Michigan receiving A's were Rep. Bart Stupak, Rep. Dale Kildee, Rep. Fred Upton, Rep. Mike Rogers, Rep. Joe Knollenberg, Rep. Candice Miller, Rep. Thaddeus McCotter, Rep. Sander Levin, Rep. Carolyn Kilpatrick, Rep. John Conyers Jr. and Rep. John Dingell.


ka_Dargo_Hussein said...

The Rethug version of IAVA felt compelled to give EVERY Democrat a failing grade (including folks like Jim Webb), after McCain's "grade" came out.

Tell me class, which organization used an objective grading method and which organization allowed partisan politics determine their grade?

angelin said...

McCain dont have a clue what to do with the economy. that is why he always talks about iraq. he is a complete IDIOT. like Joe Biden said in the vice-president debate that Johnnie the shame McCain is (NO MARVRICK ) he is working for the special interest and Lobbist in Washington. he has made millions of Dollars payed by these people. in fact his campain for presidency is paid for by Special Interest and wealthy Oil Corporations.
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