Oct 27, 2008

Laughable chamber attack ad against Hathaway reads like a bad parody

Here’s a surprise. The Michigan Chamber of Commerce is endorsing extremist rightwing activist judge Cliff Taylor over Judge Diane Marie Hathaway in the race for Michigan Supreme Court.

Not only that, they are running commercials statewide for Taylor to the tune of $2.5 million. The chamber endorsement is not surprising when you consider no individual has won a case against an insurance company or corporation in a decade in the court ran by the “Gang of Four.”

These ads are such a cliché they seem like almost an SNL parody, right down to the voice at the end that tells you to call the candidate and tell them to stop abusing puppies, stop pulling tags off of mattresses, stop stealing candy from babies or fill in the blank. The only difference in this ad is it has a woman narrating instead of a deep-voiced man trying to scare you.

The gist of the ad is Hathaway allegedly gave a sexual predator a light sentence. The last line is hilarious:
“Tell Diane Hathaway don’t give sexual predators light sentences.”

Apparently, the chamber missed the endorsement of the Michigan Association of Police Organizations who did so because of Hathaway's record on drug and sex crimes. She also has the endorsement of the Detroit Police Officers Association, Wayne County Sheriff Warren Evans, Wayne County Prosecutor, Kym Worthy, Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith, Macomb County Sheriff Mark Hackel and Marquette County Prosecutor Gary Walk.

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