Oct 24, 2008

TV station bows to political pressure and censors political ad in Supreme Court race

CBS affiliate WWMT-TV in Kalamazoo censored political speech Thursday when it pulled the ad pointing out rightwing activist judge Cliff Taylor fell asleep when hearing the case of two mothers who lost six children in an apartment fire owned by the Detroit Housing Commission.

The add, called "The Fairly Tale of the Sleeping Judge," features the two mother's saying Taylor fell asleep during their case. They also filed an affidavit stating what they saw. But the attorney representing the Detroit Housing Commission also filed an affidavit saying he did not see Taylor nod off. The Housing commission, of coursed, won the case; no individual has won a case against an insurance company, municipality or corporation heard by the four activist judges known as the "Gang of Four" led by Taylor in a decade.

According to subscription only Gongwer, the decision to pull the ad came after station discussions with Alan Wilk, counsel for the Taylor campaign, and the Michigan Democratic Party. The campaign had asked all stations in the state to pull the ad, but only WWMT in predominantly Republican West Michigan bowed to political pressure and censored the ad.

I have already sent an email protesting the station's decision to censor political speech and knuckle to political pressure, and I urge you do the same. General Sales Manager James Wagner can be emailed at wagner@wwmt.com. To phone the station call (269) 388-3333 or toll free at (800) 875-3333.

Taylor's opponent, Judge Diane Marie Hathaway, continues to rack up endorsements, and yesterday she received several endorsements from local law enforcement leaders, each citing Hathaway's record on drug and sex crimes. Those endorsements include Detroit Prosecutor Kym Worthy and the Michigan Association of Police Organizations.

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