Oct 22, 2008

Newspaper editorial board wants to throw out the primary election vote

The Livingston County Daily Press & Argus is apparently trying to undo the primary election for Hamburg Township Clerk.

Challenger Matt Skiba beat long-time incumbent Joanna Hardesty in the August Republican primary in Livingston County's most populous township. Voters were apparently unhappy with how the township is being run; only one incumbent will be coming back to the seven-person board next month; two if you count the trustee who unseated the supervisor in the GOP primary.

Apparently not happy with the primary loss, Hardesty filed to run as a write in, and after apparently taking the primary election campaign off and hoping to cruise on her incumbency, she is now campaigning and raising money. Why didn’t she do that in June, July or August? Hardesty is now claiming Skiba ran a "false and malicious" campaign designed to mislead voters.

In a stunning development, the paper is actually endorsing Hardesty in the General Election. Can someone please tell me the last time a write-in candidate won an election, especially in a municipality with some 22,000 people?

The paper said "voters made an error in August." So what the paper is saying is you dumb Republicans who took your civic responsibility seriously in August and took the time to cast your vote it should just be thrown out.

It goes on to attack Skiba, saying "running up $9,000 in credit card debt just before declaring individual bankruptcy in 2006 — should give voters pause when they are filling a job that handles taxpayer dollars."

What's' really amazing is they don't even bother to mention the name of the Democratic candidate that earned the right to run against the Republican until the last sentence (. Democratic challenger Debby Buckland is the most qualified candidate in the race, and it's amazing that the GOP-leaning editorial board not only failed to mention her, it backed a candidate that will not win.

Buckland has the work experience to do the job and the personal attributes to be successful. Her campaign has been clean, and she is a team player, an experienced administrator, has a positive outlook and can work with a diverse group of people. This board dearly needs another voice and a non-rubber stamp.


Anonymous said...

"What's' really amazing is they don't even bother to mention the name of the Democratic candidate that earned the right to run against the Republican."

Guru. Read the editorial again. It did mention Buckland at the end.

Do a little research before you post.

Communications guru said...

You are right, and I stand corrected, who-ever-you-are. Its way up in the story at the last sentence. Funny, the candidate they say is the third best gets more ink that Buckland.